Hero of Sparta 2 HD

Hero of Sparta 2 HD

Argos is finally back! The popular Spartan saga continues in HD on iPad.
"A very slick combat system" (IGN), "non-stop action" (Pocket Gamer), "Hero of Sparta II is a marvel" (Slide To Play).
Sailing back from Hell after many battles, Argos finally reaches the shores of his homeland: Sparta. But no human leaves Hades' kingdom alive without consequences. A new odyssey begins for our hero - a journey that will force him to ace the gods, his fate and his own choices to answer for his arrogance!

  • A thrilling, non-stop hack’n’slash game jam-packed with action and innovation.
  • Furious combat against even more colossal enemies: more combos, more violence!
  • New control scheme for intense action: don’t just tap the screen - actually aim your attacks!
  • The best-looking iPad game to date, with gorgeous HD graphics.
  • Hours of gameplay: 12 majestic levels to explore, 5 weapons to upgrade and more items to collect!
  • Enter the Arena if you dare, and face the ultimate challenge: endless waves of enemies to defeat!

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