Everything about Zombie Anarchy in one minute

Zombie Anarchy

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Give us 60 seconds and we can give you the full breakdown of any one of Gameloft's fantastic games. This time we look at the action-strategy title Zombie Anarchy!

Zombie Anarchy blends strategy and action in a single free-to-play package. And I’m going to tell all about this post-apocalyptic undead survival game in one minute!

Give us one minute and we will give you the lowdown on one of Gameloft's brilliant games. This time we are checking out some undead strategy action, in Zombie Anarchy.

A squad of survivors

The game’s strategy elements have you manage a camp of survivors. Develop your shelter to improve resource gathering, increase defenses, and upgrade your heroes.

But, to build your camp and rescue survivors, you have to go on missions and raids for resources. Take control of a squad of zombie-hunters and direct them through mission and PvP arenas to defeat every undead in their path.


Your selected team comes fully armed. With guns, bows, and melee weapons on offer you must make use of every part of your arsenal. Give move and attack orders to each of your team to target high value assets, gather resources, and avoid danger as you fight for your life.

An army of undead

There are a frightening number of different zombies for you to battle. This morass of undead monsters range from hulking beasts with Bloodstones sprouting from their bodies like the brutish Titan to lean stealthy Muggers, and even the swollen vomiting Spewers.

All of these are fantastically brought to life in game thanks to the stunning and vibrant graphics… you could almost forget it is the apocalypse.update-3-zombie-anarchy-docks

Fans of the living dead should already be playing Zombie Anarchy and if you are not, get infected right now.

You can download Zombie Anarchy for free right now on iOS, Android, and Windows. Keep up with all the game's news on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook.