The Gameloft Community Guide to Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Anarchy

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With the recent release of Zombie Anarchy, we’ve been putting our survival skills to the test, building bases and scavenging from those of others. A game with a variety of strategic elements, Zombie Anarchy sees you managing your own group of survivors in a bid to stay alive.

You must venture forth, navigating undead hordes and other camps to gather essential resources that enable you to bolster your defenses and take on greater challenges. Each survivor has different strengths and weaknesses, as well as weapons and abilities that can be deployed to turn the tide of battle, and give your group an edge in this dangerous, new world. You can download it right now.

Of course, these days, everyone has an opinion on what the best way to survive would be. To try and get the definitive answer, we thought we’d ask the Gameloft community what their top tips for making it through an undead nightmare would be.


Some of the advice was pretty obvious to begin with…

“Don’t die.” – Allen

“Try not to die.” – Jake

“Here’s a tip: don’t die.’ – Arjit

Stay safe!

But it wasn’t long before some constructive tips turned up.  In Zombie Anarchy, one of the strategic advantages is that your band of survivors can move quickly out of harm’s way if you direct them properly. You can issue individual instructions to your heroes, making the most of their unique capabilities. The undead aren’t the most agile of creatures. Your basic zombie tends to shuffle around a bit. As a long history of zombies in pop culture has taught us, cardio is very important…

“Run like hell!” – Mike

“Sweep the leg and RUUUUUUNNNNN!” – Ravi

“Make sure you’ve got your fitness up. Running away is probably the best thing to do. Maybe invest in some comfy sneakers.” – Lars

Zombie Anarchy is out now! Face your fears and take on the horde! Download the game on iOS, Android, and Windows today

That being said, some of the more pragmatic members of the community noted that speed is relative when it comes to flesh-eating zombies. You don’t necessarily have to be the fastest runner ever, just faster than the person standing next to you.

“You don’t need to outrun all of the zombies, only faster than your two slowest friends.” – Mikko

“Create a party with weak people, because there’ll be many of them, and when you guys get caught you can use those people as bait and run.” – SadReality

“Run faster than the other guy…” – Lee

Build for victory

Given that success in Zombie Anarchy has a lot to do with building an awesome base, it’s not surprising that many community members suggested looking to structural defenses before anything else.

“Rule 1: shut the door!” – Kelly

“Build a base.” – Medic101

“Find a building on top of a hill. Then fortify it. Just make sure there are no crazies there first!” – Sara


But sometimes you’ve got to take the fight to the enemy, once you work out who the enemy actually is.

“Aim for the head!” – Alec

“Gear up. TV and movies have taught me that it’s the humans that you really need to look out for. The zombies are just hungry decoration.” – Rafael

Alternatively, some felt it more prudent to ignore everyone else and focus on finding the essentials for survival. After all, you can’t run, build, or fight if you’re weak or dehydrated or injured.

“First, you need water. Then you need a one-handed weapon. And then drugs to survive.” – Costas

“Number 1 survival tip is to gather important resources…” – ITzFrostBow

Thank you survivors!

Thanks to everyone who commented and sent in their top tips! You can take the fight to the undead horde for free in Zombie Anarchy right now on Andriod, iOS, or Windows, and be sure to follow Gameloft on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for future Questions Of The Week.