Welcome to the zombie apocalypse

Zombie Anarchy

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When Zombie Anarchy shambled on to app stores I confess it took me a little off guard. Perhaps this is because no one expects the apocalypse, or maybe it is because of how perfectly the game blends strategy and action in one free-to-play package.

Build to survive

Zombie Anarchy's strategy elements have you manage a base filled with survivors. From this shelter you must increase your resource gathering abilities, build defenses, and develop and upgrade your heroes.

The base building gameplay is complimented by direct action missions. You take control of survivors to defeat zombie infestations around the map. Your heroes' arsenal of guns, bows, and melee weapons are all vital as you charge into Zombie Anarchy's combat. Give move and attack orders to your team to target high value assets, gather resources, and avoid danger as you fight to stay alive.


A diverse zombie horde

The range of different walking dead created by the design team is frightening (in a good way). You can see all of these bought to unlife in game - but, if you want a closer look, you can check out the concept art on Zombie Anarchy's Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

You must guide your team to overcome this morass of undead monsters. Prepare to battle massive beasts with crystals sprouting from their bodies like the brutish Titan, swollen vomiting Spewers, and stealthy Muggers to name only a few.

An army of survivors

You and your squad are ready to fight back, with even your first recruits more than capable of holding their own. Axe wielding Kane can devastate with ease, hacking his way through the hordes. He is joined by the SMG toting Nathalie, a speedy fighter who can keep a safe distance from gnashing teeth while still delivering destruction. This pair provide a strong foundation to your fighting force.

Fans of the living dead should already be playing Zombie Anarchy and building their team of survivors. If for some reason you missed it, then grab it for free today on Android, iOS, and Windows. Start surviving the apocalypse.