The Father of Ashes is here, zombies beware

Zombie Anarchy

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Gameloft’s undead apocalypse game, Zombie Anarchy, brought the terror last week on Friday the 13th. We might have been scared, but the day brought with it access to an exciting new weapon to keep us safe: The Father of Ashes.

Best of all, in the current Limited Time Event, Fire and the Rose, event you can earn The Father of Ashes along with the character Rosie.

Burn, baby! Burn

The Father of Ashes’s name alone is exciting, conjuring up all kinds of destructive possibilities. Could it be a flame thrower to light up any zombies that dare shuffle towards me? Or perhaps it’s an airstrike that takes out whole groups of undead in a storm of fiery hale, a dragon spewing fire from its open maw, even an over enthusiastic puppy with a mouth full of lit fireworks.

But, believe it or not, this weapon is even more dramatic than any of the above.

Rain death down from the heavens with a powerful new weapon. The Father of Ashes laser is now available in Zombie Hunt!

Fry from the sky

Get ready to unleash a devastating laser beam from a satellite that is orbiting the planet. During the action phases, just line up this high-tech angel of death and watch as it rips through all in its path. Watch those zombies fry!

Add this to the B-strain zombies delivered last update, and you can see how the strategic options Zombie Anarchy offers its players is continuing to expand.


The Fire and the Rose

Both the character Rosie and The Father of Ashes are available now as part of a Limited Time Event, The Fire and the Rose. If you have unlocked the bow wielding Rosie already, then this devastating new weapon is available in Zombie Hunt.

You can also get your hands on Father of Ashes from bundles on the in-game store and from the Gacha mini-game.

You can get in on the strategic action of Zombie Anarchy by downloading it for free on Android, iOS, and Windows. And, as I mentioned before, keep a close eye out for more news on the game soon on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, the game’s homepage, or right here.