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Worlds collide in War Planet Online’s latest update

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We have been in a world at war, General. We thought the conflict had reached its peak, but we were wrong. The Cross-World Conflict PVP has begun. A new high-tech renegade faction has also emerged from the shadows to challenge us in PVE. Luckily, we now have access to new global skills for your Defensive Commander and revamped in-game chat to help us push back our foes. All of this is coming with War Planet Online update 5, prepare to fight.

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New worlds arrive

When worlds collide, destruction is inevitable. And with War Planet Online’s new Cross-World Conflict beginning, a lot of collisions are happening. Battle rivals from other planets to dominate in this World vs World, extraterrestrial battleground.


Generals with an HQ at level 12 or higher can take part in the off-world parts of this conflict. Jumping into the solo element, you can score points by killing off-world players’ units (similarly to the “Kill Enemies Event”). Just head to the quantum teleporter to travel to this event.

There is also a Faction Cross-World Conflict event. Join with the rest of your planet in a temporary union and work together to pillage other worlds' provinces to climb the leaderboard and gain amazing rewards. Here points are split proportionally between each player taking part in the invasion based on their strength. And don’t worry, while you are attacking your home base will be protected by a shield.

If your HQ is level 11 or below you can still participate, General. Protect your world and defend bases from invading forces to score points.

High-tech trials

New challenges are not limited to the arrival of other planets, the Pax Mechanica are also attacking. This renegade faction is a high-tech army, equipped with cutting-edge weapons designed to crush all in their path.

While their impressive equipment makes them an intimidating foe, it also has its advantages. Removing these AI opponents from the board will leave their vast resources and advanced technology will be there for the taking. Collect as many of these as possible to craft Commander Equipment and to acquire bonuses that push your Skills beyond their previous limits.


Increase and combine your power

To help you take on these new dangers, General, the WPO team has provided a few new tools. These help by offering additional skills and ways to connect with other Generals on the field.

When taking on these threats directly you now have additional tactical choices available to you with the Defensive Commander’s Sentinel Rank. Offering four active and 14 passive skills, this Rank opens up a whole new world of tactical opportunities. Exploit these skills in every area of play: Base, Defense, World Map, Faction, and Offense. However, to unlock all of these skills you are going to have to gain Sentinel Points which you can only earn by leveling up this Rank and gaining Sentinel XP.

Keeping the lines of communication open is vital to any war effort. Fortunately, a revamped in-game chat system is on hand to ensure that you are never going to miss any vital Intel. These improvements include (but are not limited to) Global Chat, Shout Outs, specific visuals to distinguish your factions battle and scout reports, increased message length, and emojis!


War Planet Online’s fifth update also comes packed with new leaderboards, a stack of quality of life improvements, and bug fixes. Download WPO and jump into update 5 and the Cross-World Conflict event now on iOS, Android, and Windows. Plus, join with the other Generals on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram to get regular strategy reports.