War Planet Online gets its first reinforcements

War Planet Online

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War Planet Online’s first update is here, General. To help you with your war efforts it brings with it additional features, Provincial Bonuses, supplies, and even a fresh source of information to keep you up on all the latest Intel. Plus, prepare yourself for some scary Halloween weapons - treat your enemies to a seasonal tactical nuke.

Provincial Bonuses

Sir, in Update 1, War Planet Online sees the arrival of Provincial Bonuses. Now, each province on the World Map offers bonuses to whoever controls its capital.

If you control a Normal Province then you receive one random bonus for you and your faction. However, there are also Special Provinces, which provide two predefined bonuses once captured and also redesigns the look of the capital. These Special Provinces' capitals will be instantly familiar as major world cities, and offer bonuses appropriate to their real world location.

For example, there are the powerful Harbor Bases – which include London, New York, Tokyo, and Abu Dhabi. These locations are well connected hubs. Exploit this to spread your might around the globe.


There are 29 possible Provincial Bonuses available - from increased Unity Damage to faster Gathering Speed. You can check which of these a Province will offer by tapping on its Capital’s info button. Better still, the higher the level of the capital you hold the greater the bonus – and this will grow with your city.

Let’s go Faction shopping

General, another addition that will aid in your efforts is the Faction Shop. Accessible from the Faction Menu, you may donate here to increase your faction’s research. The more you donate, the more Social and Influence currency you can earn in game. The Influence currency is used by your Faction Leader or General to stock the store. And you can then use Social Currency to buy premium goods!


Daily Supplies and Halloween Power-ups

To give you an edge in battle, you will want to login to War Planet Online daily for additional rewards. That’s right, each day you can login, tap on the glowing crate, and see what additional supplies you earn. You can even logon to earn these bonuses multiple times each day. So, prepare for additional resources, speed-ups, or even more from these Daily Supply crates.

If you fancy a seasonal scare for your enemies, then look forward to some Halloween Power-ups. The Jack-o-Lantern tactical nuke can easily take out your rivals in a shower of deadly treats. There are also some special defensive items for your Commander to scare away any possible invaders that come knocking on your door.


Even more refinements

But if you are struggling to keep up with all this, then you need the latest information. No need for an extensive spy network though, because the Newsfeed is on hand with the hottest Faction and game news. Be sure to check in regularly to always have the edge.

All of this is to say nothing of the host of other improvements, many of which have been requested by you and other Generals:

  • A thorium plant for your base
  • Faction teleport flow
  • Tax-reduction research
  • Search tool rework
  • A Black-ops update
  • More commander levels and items


Plus, there are specific improvements for Windows users (coming soon):

  • Smaller HUD
  • Scrollable lists
  • Mouse’s middle-button for camera control


General, begin your fight for the globe with War Planet Online and update 1 on iOS and Android, today (update 1 is coming to Windows soon). Follow WPO on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram for even more news.