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War Planet Online

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Taking the fight global, Gameloft’s new War Planet Online is a modern military strategy game that will tax even the most experienced Generals. This fight takes place on a real-world map, and you will have to form alliances with others around the globe. But to get an advantage the moment the game launches you can pre-register now to unlock amazing rewards to get you started.

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War is coming

War Planet Online is a base building and strategy game. Pick a Commander and work with them to construct an HQ. Then develop this stronghold with expansions for research, weapons, and other facilities to level-up – ensuring that you have everything you need for war.


Once you are ready you can battle with other players around the globe using the game’s strategic gameplay. Struggling? Then you can join forces with other Generals to form powerful alliances. Prepare, strategize, and launch attacks against your foes across the realistic world map.

Pre-register for War Planet Online on the game’s official site now.

Be ready to fight

There is going to be a lot to do, build, and master in this huge strategy game - and you will want every edge you can get. Fortunately, the WPO team has all of you eager Generals covered. The game’s pre-registration site offers four tiers of increasingly incredible rewards. As more people sign up (using Facebook or via email), more rewards unlock to give you an even better head start.

Times have changed. It's your turn to build and deploy your army against the whole world, and bring your nation to victory! Challenge yourself with War Planet Online.

The first tier offers 5,000 units of Petroleum and Steel. This reward helps you quickly construct buildings and units in the early game. Tier two provides a Basic Resources package, a crate that will provide further materials. Possible contents include thorium and polymers, which are needed to create advanced structures.

Playing in Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Italy, Sweden, or Australia? Join the soft-launch now!

Three 30 minute time accelerators are the next tier of reward. While - as your military’s General - you must exhibit timing and patients, sometimes it's nice to speed things up. These acceleration boosts will make 30 mins disappear in no time - perfect when you need units to attack now!


The gold tier

Finally, if the maximum tier is unlocked, every player who pre-registers can become a VIP for 24 hours. This enables you to build an army and gather resources faster than your opposing neighbors - a vital advantage to dominate your region.

Enroll today, War Planet Online needs you! Go to the game’s official site now and pre-register your interest. Follow the game on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram to make sure you never miss any vital Intel.