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War Planet Online

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Prepare for a battle that spans the Earth in War Planet Online Global Conquest. Gameloft’s latest modern warfare strategy game has you facing other players, on a real world map, with the ability to watch battles play out in real-time. You must manage your nation's military, practice your political punch, and become an economic entrepreneur as you battle for power against other leaders on the world stage.

The War Planet Online team has gone back to the drawing board to re-imagine mobile strategy gaming. With a new base building system, strategic combat, and global online multiplayer, this is going to be a must for all modern military strategy fans.

The fight starts here

Starting the game you’ll find yourself with a small base located in a single Province of a Global map. From these humble beginnings you must build your fortifications and military force to begin your rise to power.


To do this you must first construct facilities. Each of these fulfills a different function to help you advance. The Research Institute, for example, helps you perform R&D to better execute tasks and gather resources, while the Unit Factory allows you to create powerful war machines.

Place these buildings around your HQ, prioritizing their development as you expand your army. Then sit back while everything is constructed, admiring your handy-work with War Planet Online’s amazing visuals.

Born to lead

Next you must expand your military might and select Commanders to lead it.


Each Commander has different skills and specialties. Starting with the Salvager, E.F.Walker, you are able to gather resources at increased speed. M.Kopka, on the other hand, provides a 20% boost to movement speed for your army. Find the Commanders that work best for you, then give them an army to lead.

Choose your battles

Once you have infrastructure and military in place, it is time to assess your surroundings. Pulling out from your base you see a Map of your region. This shows you nearby resources to gather, renegades to defeat, and players to crush. Pick which of these you want to undertake, and send out your armies.

Each Commander, and their accompanying army, can undertake one task at a time. But strategy is vital. Scout your targets, see how they are organized, and then equip your army to exploit their weaknesses. Do they have a lot of armor? Then stock up on artillery. Just make sure they don't have too many fast assault units to counter this tactic.


Once your strategy is set, attack. You can even watch fights play out in the game’s gritty reproduction of the battlefield.

Combine your strength

If you are struggling in your battles, then it is time to build a powerful Faction with other players around the world. Work together to research, mine, and share resources to grow your army - then unleash your power and fight against shared enemies.

As part of a faction you can call for reinforcements in real-time. Hence, if you see you are losing the fight, you can send for help with the touch of a button. This instantly increases your power - turning the tide of battle when you need it most.


Zooming out further onto the world stage, you can overlook surrounding Provinces and the Globe. See how battles are unfolding around the world as Factions in your Realm fight for dominance.

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