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Learn more about Modern Combat Versus gameplay

Modern Combat Versus is Gameloft's multiplayer focused installment of its award winning FPS franchise. With the soft launch nearly here, we now have more details to share about this sensational shooter. In this post we looks at MCVS maps and gameplay, head over here for more on the story and Agents. Begin the fight MCVS…
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Discover Modern Combat Versus story and Agents

Modern Combat Versus is about to make its first strike. This multiplayer focused installment of Gameloft’s award winning FPS series is soft launching soon and so the team has released tons of new details about this highly anticipated shooter. In this post we looks at the game's Story and Agents - click here to learn…
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Meet Modern Combat Versus’ first three agents

This week the Modern Combat Versus team at Gameloft Montreal has started to reveal some tantalizing tidbits about this highly anticipated multiplayer FPS. Designs for three of the playable agents have been revealed across the game’s social channels, and they all look incredible. Each of the three characters looks wonderfully distinct and teases at the…
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