Swing into Action with Spider-Man Unlimited

Spider-Man Unlimited

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Leap into a world of Super Heroes and Super Villains with Gameloft’s amazing endless-runner, Spider-Man Unlimited! Play as more than 100 unique characters from Marvel’s Spider-Verse and defeat the Sinister Six.

Leaping from the Comic

Jumping straight from the pages of Marvel comics comes Spider-Man Unlimited! The Sinister Six have opened up a portal in New York. Using this they are drawing on endless versions of themselves to create an army of evil, wipe out this dimension’s ISO-8, and destroy the Spider-Verse for good.


This free-to-download web-runner has you dashing through Manhattan as it descends into chaos. Leap between lanes through seven different environments inspired by the Marvel comics and Marvel’s New York. But the fast-paced gameplay is not limited to a single plane - prepare to use all of Spidey’s skills as you swing, skydive, and wall-crawl your way to victory.

Six Sinister Villains

Leap into a story mode worthy of your favorite Spider-Man comics, and run through six sinister issues of action. In the first issue you match wits with the devilish Green Goblin, before issue two pits you against the Vulture. Following that it's on to Electro (issue three), Sandman (issue four), and Doc Ock (issue five), before finally facing off with Mysterio in issue six. What evil lies beyond? That is coming soon.


With five boss battles and 25 missions per issue, there is plenty to keep you occupied in the story mode alone. But, on top of that, there are daily and weekly events with stunning rewards. Plus there's the Unlimited Mode in which you must climb the Leaderboards to beat other Spider-Man fans around the world.

The new Spider-Man Unlimited update is about to come to the app markets on iOS and Android! Get ready for some great improvements to the best runner game!

A Spider-Verse of characters

Face all of this as any of the iconic Spider-Men and Spider-Women from each dimension - including Superior Spider-Man and Spider-Gwen. By collecting, fusing, and leveling up your Spidey cards you can earn unique in-game benefits. Collect, unite, and level them up to stop the villains' trail of destruction.


Characters span more than 50 years of the Web Slinger’s history. Along with multiple variations of each villain, you can also expect to see Nick Fury, Black Cat, Mary Jane, and even Spider-Ham. And this cast of heroes just keeps growing with the game's regular updates.

Spider-Man Unlimited is available to download for free now. Keep up with all of the game’s news on Facebook, YouTube, and its official site.