Spider-Man Unlimited Update 35 Review

Spider-Man Unlimited

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Want to know what's happening in Spider-Man Unlimited Update 35? Well, watch our video review, it gives all you web-heads the lowdown on the changes that are being introduced.

Get the lowdown on the new Spider-Man Unlimited update and, above all, to get ready for its release!

Welcome to Update 35

Hey, Spidey fans! Spider-Man Unlimited’s latest update is ready to swing into action, and it is going to make the game better for every web-head.

This revamp is going to create a smoother game experience for new and existing players.

One big change is the simplified Rank-Up System. No more DNA, no more genomes, and no more XP or levels! Instead, rank-up your characters by collecting duplicate cards. Each duplicate will automatically contribute to raising that particular Spidey’s rank! If you have enough duplicates of a character, they will automatically rank up after the update. If you have more than needed, extras will be transformed into vials.


Don’t worry veteran web-slingers, every genome you have is going to be converted into DNA, and each piece of DNA will become 10 vials!

Spidey Energy is disappearing too! Individual cards will now have their own stamina. One run will use one stamina, lowering a card’s reserves. Each card will need to recharge once stamina hits zero, but you can always choose a different Spidey to continue the action. Thus, the more characters you have in your collection, the more you get to play! And, don’t panic, your remaining energy refills will be converted into ISO-8.

Plus, we have even more coming in this Spider-Man Unlimited update - play it now!

You can start playing Spider-Man Unlimited and update 35 now on iOS and Android - download it, for free, right now. Also, be sure to keep up with all the latest game news on FacebookYouTube, and the official site.