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Spider-Man Unlimited

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Spider-Man Unlimited is taking Spidey out of this world with its latest update. After defeating the Sinister Six and Inheritors, our web-slinging hero is about to face his biggest Multiverse threat yet! Prepare to enter a new portal and take on the Symbiote Home World in its very first video game appearance.

A dangerous new world

On this new world there are a host of enemies for Spider-Man to face. The Symbiote Home World is teeming with enemies for Spider-Man to face. The first of these is the “standard” Symbiote - terrifying creatures with giant red spikes sprouting from their arms - but things only get worse. Other variants of these vicious foes include one with massive shields fused with its arms, another that shoots sludge-like missiles, and - most disturbingly of all - a flying Symbiote with bat-like wings.


Threats don’t stop there, because it seems the entire Symbiote planet has it in for your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Dangers range from spikes that shoot through the floor to plants that grow at a moment's notice to snap at you. Your Spider-Sense is going to be on overdrive!

It's going to be an intense journey as you take on the updates 13 new missions and 3 new side missions. Every one of these challenges has you sprinting, swinging, and fighting through previously unseen Symbiote landscapes, straight from the Marvel comics pages of Guardians of the Galaxy #23.

Update review for everyone, who didn't get a chance to play the latest update yet!

These challenges include three bosses to contend with. Anticipate battling Spider-Man’s old Symbiote, Venom, along with two of his offspring - the vicious Carnage and infamous Scream.

Earn rewards

Fortunately, your efforts will be well-rewarded. Along with S.H.I.E.L.D. Briefcases and limited time events, you can also earn Super Heroes for your roster: Ben Reilly as The Scarlet Spider, plus Hobie Brown as The Prowler - a young hero who has turned from a life of crime thanks to Peter Parker.


And there are still more additions and improvements to come! You can look forward to two events a week to expand your Symbiote experience. There are also a host of quality of life improvements to the user interface to make your playtime smoother.

Swing it to action with the biggest Spider-Man Unlimited experience ever!

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