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Sonic Runners Adventure

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One of gaming’s greatest heroes is back on mobile! SEGA’s speedy hero, Sonic the Hedgehog, has returned for Gameloft’s new Sonic Runners Adventure. It is available to download now from the App Store and Google Play - so pull on those red sneakers, brush your blue quills, and prepare to hit top-speed in this sensational runner.

Hit full speed

Are you ready for some of the fastest endless running imaginable? Sonic Runners Adventure, on Android and iOS, delivers just that.


Blitz through 48 missions across four colorful environments. These unforgettable locations are plucked straight from your favorite Sonic games. Marvel at the iconic Green Hill Zone, dash through the Desert Ruins, leap over Lava Mountain, and spin through the Sky Sanctuary.

You control all of this high-speed platforming action with intuitive taps. This simple interface allows you to avoid dangers, leap between paths, and attack enemies with ease.

Battles and bonuses

In each environment you face-off against Dr. Eggman’s evil minions, such as the flying Spinner and the cute-but-deadly Moto Bug.


If you can make it past them, then you can face down the rotund Dr. Eggman himself. His devious contraptions are a true challenge that require a mix of problem-solving and platforming to defeat. Master this to prove you are the real boss!

Sonic Runners Adventure also features a unique Bonus Mode. In this area you speed through a vibrant, colorful stage. Shoot through the air avoiding any obstacles in your path as you collect fistfuls of rings.


The good, the bad, and the Chaotix

There are nine all-star playable characters drawn straight from Sonic’s history in Sonic Runners Adventure. These are divided into three teams of three types.

There is the Hero Team of Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles; the Chaotix Team of Espio, Charmy, and Vector; and finally the Dark Team of Shadow, Rouge, and Omega. Each of these teams has a triple jumping Speed Type, a Fly Type, and a Power Type that can power dash.


Teams also offer their own bonus. For example, the Hero Team has the ability to use invisibility and magnet powers to give them the edge. Select the Type and Team ability that suit your play style as you take on Dr. Eggman’s forces.

Buddies and boosts

To further aid you on your quest, you can also get Buddies. These little helpers buzz around behind you, providing additional support. These include characters like Dark Chao who can boost your score for destroying enemies and RC Tornado who recovers your rings when damaged.


Finally, you can also use Booster Items. Unlock up to three slots to equip these Active or Passive powers. Active boosts include invincibility and must be activated to work. Passive abilities, on the other hand, provide an instant benefit - such as Time Freeze which extends your timer.

Dash over to Google Play and the App Store now to grab Sonic Runners Adventure on Android and iOS.