World of Gameloft Cup: Modern Combat 5 vs Sniper Fury


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Time for the final quarter-final of the World of Gameloft Cup, which will decide who meets the winner of our last match. Modern Combat 5: Blackout is set to play its first game in this matchup. Sniper Fury, on the other hand, is in its second match after winning its qualifying round with 83% of the vote.

First-person warfare

Modern Combat 5: Blackout is part of one of Gameloft’s most beloved series. It’s easy to see why too, MC5 provides the complete package. There is an expansive, globe-trotting single-player campaign to enjoy. Or, if you are looking for more competition, you can leap into the game’s real-time multiplayer. There you can find the game’s many fans competing on the many maps, classes, and weapons this online FPS has to offer. Its large community of veteran players could give this FPS an edge throughout the whole cup!

This makes the real question: are Sniper Fury’s fans coming into this poll tired or invigorated from their recent win? They certainly carried the game to a decisive win previously against War Planet Online. So, if their enthusiasm and dedication maintain then this long-range modern military shooter is definitely in with a chance!

Sniper Fury takes the shot!


Sniper Fury takes it.

Remember, the more fans know about this vote the more chance your favorite game has to win. Be sure to share the news! Plus, below are each title’s own social channels to help you can spread the word!

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Modern Combat 5 | Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.


Sniper Fury | Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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You can vote for your favorite of these titles any time before July 6th at 10:00 AM UTC. Check back then to see who emerges victorious in this tussle between Modern Combat 5 and Sniper Fury! Then, at 12:00 PM UTC that day, the first semi-final between Iron Blade and March of Empires will begin. Vote in that contest to decide which game is going to be the first to qualify for the finals.