Line up your shot and feel your Sniper Fury

Sniper Fury

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I find there is an enigmatic attraction to sniping. It may be the patient talent required, how it is glamorized in movies, the lone wolf persona, or maybe it’s just because snipers get the biggest guns. But whatever the root of its appeal, Gameloft’s Sniper Fury wonderfully captures the mystique of this lethal long range art.

Take aim

Played from a first-person perspective, Sniper Fury is simple to pick up and incredibly fun to play. Placing you on the field you must demonstrate speed and accuracy to take down terrorist targets in each mission. However, unlike many other modern military games – such as Modern Combat 5: Blackout – you don’t need twitch reactions. Instead your focus is to calmly take aim and squeeze the trigger to eliminate your target.


Each level places you in a detailed environment. Then, depending on the mission, you must take out one or multiple foes.

On single take down missions you must scan the landscape, identify your target, and shoot them. These can be incredibly tense. This is because you always know that the longer it takes for you to make your shot the more chance there is your target could escape.


Missions with multiple targets come in a number of flavors. You may have to thin out an enemy force, protect your troops by taking out attackers, or destroy key enemy assets such as helicopters.

Time to get the big guns

Accomplishing these goals often requires you to diversity and upgrade your firepower. Powerful sniper rifles solve many scenarios, but some other tasks may be better suited to an assault rifle or even a more exotic weapon like a rocket-launcher.


You can purchase upgrades using gems and cash. These can be purchased or earned in the single player campaign, missions, and challenges. Or, if you prefer challenging others online, then you can try out the multiplayer base-infiltration and PvP modes.

Sniper Fury provides lots of variety and wraps it all up with some lovely presentation - including some graphic cinematic slow-mos. All of which makes it the perfect dip-in-and-out game for shooter fans.

Sniper Fury is now LIVE on iOS, Android, and Windows!

You can download it for free from your app store of choice right now. That’s iTunes, Google Play, and Windows in case they have slipped your mind. You can also follow Sniper Fury news on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.