Take stock of Sniper Fury’s update 11

Sniper Fury

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The latest Sniper Fury update has arrived. Prepare to take your multiplayer experience up a level with Clan Wars, new PvP Boosts, and exciting additions to Raids.

Plan with your Clan

Much of Sniper Fury’s update 11 is focused on Clans, and the most exciting of these additions is Clan Wars. This new mode is set to begin a fresh era of competition in this Gameloft military shooter.

As a sniper, sometimes you have to wait for hours to take your shot.

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These battles pitch Clan against Clan. Declare war, then set about invading the opposing Clan’s buildings. In the first phase – known as the Invasion - you and your squad mates must weaken your opponent’s defenses.

After that it is time to strike. Battle the enemy Clan in epic asynchronous standoffs. Defeat is no small matter here, with your Clan’s reserves on the line, but rewards for victory are equally sweet.


To compliment this new way to play together, there is also a new way to save together. In update 11 you can add to your Clan HQ with Allied Points and Gold more regularly. As you and your team mates invest, watch your buildings expand and level up.

Clan HQs consist of multiple sections, such as the Armory and Perimeter Defense.  Each of these provides different perks, occasionally earning you weapons, gear, squad mates, etc. depending on your Clan’s savings.

Precision PvP

In PvP fights you now have access to a range of buffs and abilities to give you the upper hand when you need it most. There is an EMP grenade, Bonus damage, and a KO gas grenade to name just a few. Use them wisely.


League rewards are improved, with bigger and better loot as you move up through the ranks. Plus, if you move up a League anticipate rewards from the new tier you have achieved.

To help you protect your HQ from attackers you can recruit a new kind of defender, Cloaked Squad Mates. These assassins can take out invaders before they are even seen – just be careful when you are on the attack.

Responding to your feedback

Based on direct feedback from players, the Sniper Fury team has also made changes to Raid Tickets. You can now use this consumable item instead of energy to carry out Contracts. This is designed to meet requests by our fans to offer more flexibility in how you manage resources.


You can see just how huge Sniper Fury’s update 11 is for every player. And we haven’t even mentioned the new Special Edition Plasma Defender rifle, achievements, and iOS Messaging stickers.

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