Travel to Venice with Sniper Fury’s new missions

Sniper Fury

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Threats are everywhere. And when you are a top sniper vigilantly defending the innocent, you must be ready to heed the call where ever you are needed. With its recent updates Sniper Fury is sending you to Venice, Italy, for a new set of missions.

New area, new missions

That’s right, Gameloft's Sniper Fury is sending you to Europe. In this region the conflict is fierce. Local media is calling the situation an "organized coup", but your intel suggests that there is far more going on within the complex warren of high-tech vaults beneath the city.


You'll be on your own as you execute this mission which is going to demand you use all of your skills to take down the threats. Carefully line up your shot, take a deep breath, steady your aim, and then gently squeeze that trigger.

It’s a dirty job, but a necessary one, and at least this time you get to do it to the back drop of one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

Home security

While you are out taking care of business in Venice, don’t forget the need for defense at home. Other additions provide new ways to defend your loot.

First we have two defensive systems with which to guard your base. The Jammer Turret does exactly what it claims to, erupting with a sea of ammo fire at anyone stupid enough to attack you. This is joined by the Aegis Barrier, which provides an extra layer of protection to your bastion.


PvP players can also make use of extended time Shields. There is an 8 hour, 16 hour, and 3 day option available to make sure all of your loot is protected.

For the hardcore

Top players can also be on the lookout for rewards based on performance. So, the more you keep your eye on the prize, the better that prize may be. The best players can also now Prestige by passing the XP limit. Again, climbing high here gets you amazing rewards.

Though all players can make use of the new predefined gearsets, I am certain it is the hardcore that shall put this feature to best use. Set up a number of loadouts and quickly switch between them - be ready for any situation in seconds.

Enter the action now on iOS, Android, and Windows. You can also keep up with all the latest on Sniper Fury by following it on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.