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Stop Shadow to prevent a World War

Sniper Fury

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The evil Shadow has returned. This villainous group has infested Bangor Naval Base in Sniper Fury’s latest update. Now, it is up to you to stop them and prevent a World War in Gameloft's long-range, military FPS.

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Things that make you go Boom

Shadow’s return is concerning enough, but it is how it has orchestrated its latest attack that is terrifying. Its spies have successfully infiltrated our Naval Base in Bangor. Now they are on the brink of taking full control of it and its systems… and more troublingly its nuclear arsenal.


That’s right, Shadow could soon be in control of nuclear weapons. You have to stop this terrorist group.

Take up position outside Bangor and use your sniping skills to sniff out and take down this threat. Locate key Shadow assets, protect our forces as they move in, and repel the invasion.

Stop a World War


Bangor Naval Base is a thrilling and fresh environment for all you snipers to experience. Once you unlock this area, you can begin exploring its unique look and atmosphere as you battle through its new missions.

This is an industrial military installation, unlike any previous area. Concrete gray and massive structures dominate, giving a chilling and overwhelming feel that drives home the devastation the weapons contained within could bring.

Sniper Fury’s latest update demands that you bring all of your skills to bear to prevent a nuclear war. Take a deep breath, steady your aim, and take Shadow down. It’s all in a day’s work for a sniper… right?

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