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Royale Rising

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Prepare for Royale Rising, Gameloft’s evolution of the battle royale genre on mobile. In this fast-paced PvP experience, not even death can remove you from the fight. US and Canadian players can sign up today to get in on the game’s limited Beta.

Fight alone or with friends in Gameloft’s Royale Rising. Designed for furious, highspeed fights, each match of this survival experience lasts around five minutes. To win it all, you have to be the last one standing.

And yes, that's easier said than done.

Mobile mayhem

But, even if you do die, your fight isn’t over in Royale Rising. You can return as a Ghost either to help other combatants or eliminate your rivals. In this form, you can still interact with the world. Just a few things you can do include building cover for those who remain.


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This battle royale title reimagines the genre for mobile. Designed from the ground up for huge PvP matches on the go, rounds are incredibly quick. Lasting around five minutes, the focus is on mobility, fast reactions, and high-action!

To help with this lightning-fast pace, the controls are custom built for touch-screen. Thanks to Royale Rising having been designed exclusively for portable gaming, you will find every input feels intuitive. This allows you to boost around the environments with ease – even in the most frantic moments.

Gain the edge by leveling up your gear. Gather items on the field like guns and loot in order to acquire an edge. Plus, gather Orbs to increase your health, strengthen weapons, and improve jumping abilities.


Join the beta

The Gameloft Australia team is still working on, and improving, Royale Rising. This Beta is limited both in the territories it will run in (the US and Canada) and the length of time it will run for. So, if you are one of the lucky few able to enjoy early access to Royale Rising, the team would love for you to leave a rating and feedback.

All of the feedback the team receives will be instrumental in guiding the continued development and in guiding future rounds of updates. You can tell the team your thoughts on the Google Play Store, Discord, and through the Gameloft Forums. Help make Royale Rising the best mobile-focused battle royale!

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