Show off your soccer skills in Real Football 2018

Real Football 2018

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Gameloft’s long running soccer series is back with Real Football 2018, which is available for download now on Android from the Gameloft Shop. Get ready for kickoff.

Real Football 2018 brings back this incredible soccer game for a new year. Delivering a host of upgrades to the already fantastic gameplay, this updated experience is sure to be a favorite for fans and newcomers.

The beautiful game

2018 takes the classic Real Football action and brings it up to date.

real-football-2018 The incredibly visuals feature stunning 3D stadiums with new pitch designs on which to watch all the action. As you play more subtle graphical flourishes are also at work - such as improved shadows and textures - really making the game come to life.

Enjoy this new realism during cut-scenes and set-pieces with multiple camera views. These offer a more broadcast style atmosphere to the on pitch action as each match unfurls.

But visuals are nothing without gameplay. To ensure the game feels as good as it looks, the game’s A.I. and ball physics have been polished and tightened. The smoother experience this creates makes the game feel more realistic, and add an extra layer of challenge as opponents react more effectively to you.

Fantasy football

Real Football 2018 offers a stack of exciting new ways to enjoy this improved gameplay. Along with the standard full 11 person team matches there is now a 5V5 mode. Smaller teams lead to faster more frantic games. You can also try out this smaller game mode in 24 unique scenarios.

Put your skills to the test in this game mode and climb the leaderboards to prove your the best in order to earn daily and weekly rewards.

This is accompanied by an asynchronous PVP mode. Play against other teams online and see how your squad matches up to them.

On and off the field


Build your perfect team by recruiting from the new Agency System. See who is up for transfer and sign the perfect player to strengthen your clubs weaknesses. Star Players here can make all the difference - sign them to help you climb the league and win the cup.

But Real Football 2018 doesn’t just have you focused on the team on the field, you also have to worry about the rest of the club. Construct and upgrade your facilities to help your team progress. These include your Stadium, Hospitals and Physiotherapy Centers, and even a Youth Camp to help you build your future team. These facility help you look after your players and your fans to ensure both always have the support they need.

Facebook football


Real Football 2018 also give you the opportunity to connect using Facebook. Compare your skills to friends and other players around the world with this exciting feature. You can even send gifts to help your friends and their teams performance.

Get ready for kick-off and download Real Football 2018 on Android now from the Gameloft Store. You can also follow the game on Facebook for all the latest.