Six year celebrations consume the OaC community

Order & Chaos Online

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In case you missed it, this year saw Gameloft’s original mobile MMORPG celebrating its six year anniversary. To honor this the Order and Chaos Online team called upon their wonderful Facebook community to share stories of their first day with the game. It was a task the active fans of the game embraced with zeal - bringing to light some wonderful tales.

Six years and counting

A lot can happen in six years. There have been changes in both the team’s and players’ lives, and even Haradon has become quite a different place. Just look at the game’s 36 update notes if you need proof!


So, putting out a call for memories on Facebook, the Order and Chaos Online team members knew they would be about to discover a lot about Haradon’s inhabitants. But even they were not quite prepared for what happened.

Dipping into their nostalgia, fans overwhelmed the team with their memories and affection for the game. Stories spanned Order and Chaos Online’s full six years. Some went right back to the beginning of the game, while some others saw more recent arrivals to the world sharing their experience.

A blast from the past

While there were too many stories and winners to write about them all here (check out this Facebook post for all of them), some did leap out at me as a relative Order and Chaos Online noob. One of these was from Abisai Figueroa, who shared their story of their first day and the nostalgia of Greenmont’s cherry blossoms.

“My first day in OaC was amazing because I started playing with my brother, trying out MMORPGs. [...] A few days later I found a spot in Greenmont where I sat under the cherry blossom tree and enjoyed the view. [...] Now I go to the same spot almost every day just to sit there and enjoy the view of Haradon.”


Craig Jonathan was another player who had a story that jumped out at me. He tells the story of his first day - back before he really knew exactly what the world of an MMORPG might have to offer him. Things like friends, social connections... and trolls (of the most entertaining variety).

"Order and Chaos Online? What is this? Little did I know back in 2012 exactly how dynamic the social gameplay and endless options [of an MMORPG] actually were!? [...] Back when Sanitarium/Pwn☆Stars Guild would spend an entire afternoon trying to kill a World Boss like Gelinu while guilds like Game●Over would protect the boss from death lol. Thank you all for the Great times!"

Join all of these passionate fans in Haradon by downloading Order and Chaos Online now on iOS and Android. You can also keep up with more community news by following the game on Facebook and YouTube.