Order & Chaos 2 celebrates its anniversary with stunning fan art contest!

Order & Chaos 2: Redemption

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The Order & Chaos 2: Redemption community has been putting its imagination to the test. In celebration of OC2’s second anniversary, the team invited the more creative members of its Facebook group to hand-draw their character along with the words “Happy Anniversary”. After that, they just had to post their image in the FB comments to enter a competition - with the five pictures that received the most “Likes” by December 11th earning themselves a free pet!

Five amazing pictures

The five winners, as voted for by the community, offered a good amount of variety.

Three of the winners - Arley Augusto Aguiar, Jona Gabriel, and حسين فرحان التميمي - all showed their character in full plate mail. Bulky and powerful, the black and white line drawings each of these creative players produced showed the fine detail in each of their armor sets… and their artistic talents!

Click to see these images full-size!

Raul Tirado’s character is an Elf in light armor that also wields a sizable Great Axe. This combination probably leads to some speedy and powerful attacks, so steer clear if you see this hero coming at you. But you should be safe to take a close look at the drawing.

Raul Tirado

Our final winner, Lindu Oac, seems to have taken a different approach - not drawing their character but their pet. Depicting a huge roaring polar bear, the community thought that this beast - resplendent in gold armor with icy sapphire gems - looked perfectly fearsome.


This skilled bunch of artists have all received a pet for their creative endeavors, well done to them all!

The also amazing honorable mentions

While these winners all received the prize and recognition, there were many other wonderful entries from Order & Chaos 2’s talented community. So, though I can’t offer any further rewards, I can give a massive shout out to these players’ creativity, dedication, and talent! Great work!

You can click on the thumbnails below to see these drawings in their full glory.

Become a part of the Order & Chaos 2: Redemption community now by heading over to their Facebook and YouTube pages. Or, if you haven't started playing yet, you can download Gameloft's incredible MMORPG now on Android and iOS.