Guild Wars tear a rift through Order & Chaos 2

Order & Chaos 2: Redemption

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Haradon is about to be torn apart as Guild Wars come to Order & Chaos 2: Redemption. This huge addition to Gameloft’s sprawling mobile MMORPG introduces the ability to set your guild against others in huge matches for incredible rewards. With multiple areas in which to do battle, each with their own strategies to employ, this update greatly expands the PVP elements of this massive online game.

Guild Wars and Glory

The latest update for Order & Chaos 2: Redemption is a game changer for fans of competitive multiplayer action. This expansion gives you the chance to prove loyalty to your guild as you enter the Guild Wars. Pit your Guild against others and fight hundreds of other players for Glory. (Glory and exclusive rewards).


Battles take place in one of three special Citadels. In the frozen lands of Whitepike you must fight in Whitereach Square. In the towering heights of the Trim Steppes there is the near symmetrical arena of Mirror of the Sky. And, finally, In the Sunken Hollows you must fight through the dark pits of Gloomdale.

Each of these arenas is set in a unique environment. But their individuality is not limited to how they look. Their location and layout impacts plays and strategies. This means that you must master how to utilize their varied topographies to your Guild’s advantage.


Three ways to earn points

Learn how to use each environment to your advantage as you attempt to earn Glory points. You can earn Glory using three methods. The first of these is Sword Capturing. Locate the ceremonial blade on the map, break the Seal that holds it, capture it, and return it to your home base.


A slightly more straightforward path to earning Glory is to kill opponent Guild Members in PVP combat. Finally, you can capture crystals scattered around the outside of the arena. These multiple methods to amassing Glory ensures that every member of your guild plays a vital role in securing victory.

But first your Guild must enter. Guild Leaders can register to compete on Mondays and Tuesdays using Research Funds. The number of members you can recruit ranges from 5 (for Rank 1 Guilds) to 28 (for Rank 5 Guilds).

The one week war

Each “war” lasts one week and takes place over two rounds taking place on Wednesday and Saturday. The week is set in a single Citadel. Before each round, you and the rest of your guild has time to prepare before the battle commences. Then the sword will appear as the round begins.


After each round participants get a chance at free rewards. However it is at the end of the week, when the two rounds are totaled up, that the real Guild War prizes are awarded. Winners can rename a region in honor of their guild, earn epic limited-time mounts, and Guild Leaders will be honored with a statue (members get titles and currency).

Not just for guilds

This update may be focused on the Guild Wars, but there are some treats for PVE fans also. A new Classic Dungeon gives you the chance to fight for Epic loot from the Enhanced Wasteland gear set – if you can crush the Stone Guardian.


You can also celebrate the night in the Nocturnal Festival. Take part in special events, tournaments and mini-games for exclusive fashion items and mounts.

Take up arms and prepare to battle in Order & Chaos 2: Redemption’s Guild Wars update by downloading it on iOS and Android. Plus, be sure to keep up with all the latest from Haradon by following the game on Facebook and YouTube.