Guild Masters’ Tales Part 3. Speedfreak

Order & Chaos Online

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We are delighted for the next edition of Order & Chaos Online's Guild Masters’ Tales. This time we bring to you an interview with a one-of-a-kind. He is a famous YouTuber, full-time Guild Master of Levelz, and a courageous Haradonian. You probably know him primarily from his informative YouTube channel and, if you are lucky, you have had the pleasure of running a dungeon with him.

So, without further ado, here is Order & Chaos Online's Speedfreak!

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GCM: Tell us about yourself. How old are you, where are you from, who is your main toon?

I am 22 years old and I’m from Norway. My main character is a warrior with the character name speedfreak/spid. I have played Order and Chaos Online for almost 6 years.

GCM: Tell us about your path to GM. How long have you been a GM, does your Guild have any motto or set of rules to uphold?

I have been GM of the best guild on Arcadian Forest on iOS for little over 2 years. What is important for our guild is the connection our members have with each other, and how much each member sacrifices to help the others. The reason for our guilds success is that we work as a family, without being selfish, which has led the guild and its members to achieve everything that the game has to offer.

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GCM: Tell us about your beginnings in Order & Chaos Online. Did you figure out the game yourself, or did you also have a mentor/guide who taught you how to play? Did you set up your Guild right away, or were you a lone wolf at the beginning wandering through the steppes of Hardon by yourself?

I started playing Order and Chaos Online on a server called Hall of Blade, I didn’t know anything about the game but I enjoyed it a lot; running the dungeons and doing the PVP. I later joined a guild who helped me understand the game more before I ended up moving to Arcadian Forest.

Speedfreak’s fan art made by one of his fans.

Speedfreak fan art, made by one of his fans.

GCM: Tell us your best adventure in Hardon, something that you will always remember. What’s the best moment you will always remember?

I have had many good moments... most of them with my guild. One of the most fun I’ve had was doing tournaments and our own guild events. Having over 50 people in voice chat together, playing hide and seek, or working at a world PVP event together to help our members win is always a rush. When it comes to individual goals, a dropping pendant after farming countless SRL was probably my happiest moment.

The last best memory is when we had 90 people online at the same time! It was the most active our guild has ever been, and we had some fun in world PVP together.

GCM: In terms of goals: what are you working on right now, or do you have any Guild goals?

My guild and I have reached every goal possible. We have achieved everything in game now, so we just enjoy the new updates and spending time together as a family. Playing events and voice chatting is what we care about now!

GCM: A lot of players would like to read some tips on how to proceed quickly and efficiently in the game. How would you advise newer players?

My best advice for new players is to make friends and join a guild; it helps a lot when you find good friends and a good guild. They will answer your questions and help you with any difficult tasks.


GCM: You are a pretty famous Order & Chaos Online YouTuber. When did you decide to start making OAC videos and why?

I started making OAC videos 4 years ago because I wanted to help others with my guides. There were always people struggling with fighting in dungeons or catching mounts, and I thought I could help them.

My first video was of the MZL dungeon (which isn’t on my current channel), a dungeon that was very difficult when it first came out. I published the video and it got tons of views and good feedback so I decided to make more.

GCM: Your channel grew pretty fast and a lot of players resort to your videos for guidance or news about the game. Do you find it hard to focus on your personal goals? How do you cope with popularity?

Yes, sometimes it’s hard to release content regularly because it’s also important for me to work on my own character while making helpful and entertaining videos. I try to answer all of my fans and I give gold now and then, but it is difficult to reply to the 100s of messages each day when I am trying to progress in the game. Most people think that I ignore them, but I am just trying to progress myself or make videos which will entertain my fans! I wouldn’t have a YouTube channel without them so I try my best to help and reply whenever I can. 🙂

GCM: Okay, let’s talk about your videos, you’ve published so many of them! Do you have a favorite video?

In Order & Chaos Online I love testing my limits and trying harder challenges like doing PVP solo VS 10+ people or doing dungeon bosses solo. Here are two of my favorite videos that I like to watch now and then:

Me vs World PVP

Me vs Monkey Boss


GCM: Is there anything else you would like to share?

I want to say ‘Thanks" to Gameloft for making such an amazing game, I’ve met some awesome people and I am so grateful to have met everyone in my guild. Also, a big ‘Thanks’ to all my Guildies for being wonderful.

For everyone else who watches my videos thank you so much for your support!

Special shout-out to: Melon, Cilouan, Bella, and Xtina for helping me a lot in this game!

Thank you for the interview, good luck for you and your Guildies!

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