Guild Masters’ Tales Part 1. Cayla and RuralJuror

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Dear Haradonians, one of the things that keeps us together in the game are guilds. Those of you who belong to a guild will understand the strength of the bonds it creates. With this set of interviews we want to bring to light some of the untold stories of Order & Chaos Online's leaders. The ones who are at the forefront leading their people to battle, who devoted years of hard work to ascend their guilds to power, and those who are always there to offer a helping hand.

If you are a guild leader yourself, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, we would love to listen to your story!

The first interview we held is with Cayla and RuralJuror. They are the beloved GMs of The Order, a Guild that prides itself on values such as loyalty, mutual support, hard work, professionalism and... being a family. Today you can read about these GMs, what it’s like to belong to The Order, and ups and downs of the Guild’s history on it's way to where it is now.

GCM: First tell us about yourselves: how old are you, what country are you from, what character is your main Toon?

RJ: Hi, I'm RuralJuror, 35, I am from the US. I have been playing Order & Chaos Online for 5 years. My main is a mage which is really fun.

Cayla: Of course! You know me as Cayla. I am around 30ish. How about saying: ‘Never ask a woman her age?’ Ok, ok... I have been playing OAC for a little over 3 years, my main Toon of course is my monk (I play both Divine and Mili). I’ve been in The Order more than 2 years now.

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GCM: Being a Guild Master is hard. It often times could be considered a full time job, so congratulations for getting your Guild this far! How long have you been a Guild Master? How long has your Guild been around, and do you have any motto or set of rules you play by?

RJ: Our guild was created in the summer of 2014, by a group of hardworking people with the vision to create the most helpful, professional guild on the server. To govern this, we have the Constitution of the Order, which breaks down specific roles to create balances of power between GM and Admins. This gives us a broader range of choices on which directions to take. I took the lead of The Order almost 3 months ago.

We only have a few basic rules (because most of them fall under rule 1 and 4!).

  1. Don’t be a d*****.
  2. Be respectful and mindful of your fellow Guildies.
  3. Do not sell or try to sell gear, runs, or any other freely obtained item or information to your people. See rule #1 and #4.
  4. Don’t be a d*****.


Cayla: I was an Admin for a while but never wanted the GM position even though a lot of people assumed I was the Guild Master. I already had a lot on my plate with my YouTube channel, full time job, and of course being a Mom. I took over as GM in February 2017 as I decided to step in and take it over.

Let me give you an insight into our guild:

We have some pro players, but we are not elitists. We dabble (some more than others) in PVP but we are PVE focused. If you are joining The Order as a means to reach whatever goals you have, you’re coming to the wrong place. We are a family. As they say, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. As such, we do not tolerate scamming, abuse, or account sharing. GM and Admins are not in any way greater or smaller than other members and do not have advantage in the guild over others - except for the ability to police. We’re all the same, we’re players.

GCM: What if someone would like to join your Guild? How do you recruit new Guildies?

RJ: We never recruit via global. That is one thing our guild has never done and will never do. We always have people who want to join us. It can get very overwhelming at times so Cayla developed a Guild Application.

Cayla: I created a simple guild app using Google Docs. All of the Admins can view it and keep track of who applies. We generally stay pretty close to max so when we do take on new people we like to limit it to 2 players a week. This allows new Guildies time to fit in before we invite more.

GCM: How do you balance out your personal goals, helping your new Guildies, as well as keeping an eye on the goals of the whole Guild?

RJ: Usually everyone gets what they need before I do, but a lot of times we’re all benefiting at the same time.

Cayla: I struggle with this a lot. I have lots of friends in the guild and I want to run with them all. We are a large guild and I try to balance my time but it takes a lot of effort. There are times when I have to just stop worrying about it and focus on what I need but generally I get that done by helping others and I get enjoyment out of helping them! ☺

GCM: What’s your Guild’s greatest achievement so far?

Cayla: I would say our greatest achievement is making it four years. The guild was formed in the summer of 2014 by several players on Tear Coast. We went through many Game Masters including: Bheema, Tank You, Nerd, Are, Burnie, and Dyer. There were times when our Guild was close to ending but the GM at the time always did their best and kept it going. We wouldn’t have made it this far if it wasn’t for the past GMs.


GCM: There are many new players who aspire to become Guild Masters themselves. What qualities do you think make a successful Guild Master?

RJ: Being a Guild Master takes a special type of person. Usually the best ones are: caring, selfless, and active in the game.

GCM: If you had to list the 3 biggest mistakes new Guild Leaders make, what would it be?

RJ: Ignoring Guildies, not keeping tabs on Admins, and not upholding the structured rules.

GCM: Looking back, would you do anything different or are you 100% satisfied with how things turned out for your Guild?

Cayla: I wouldn’t change anything that has happened. Everything happened for a reason and shaped the guild to what it is today.


GCM: Is there anything else you would like to share?

RJ: I decided to make Cayla co-GM because: 1) She has way more experience with the Guild than I do. 2) She has resources which I do not possess. 3) To provoke more activeness from all Admins. And 4) She is my touch-base, my confidant. I count on her, she has always given me the right advice and I trust her 200%. Example: the other day I gave her GM to kick inactive members.

Cayla: Actually, I wanted to share one thing with you all. Over a year ago we wanted to show our GM at the time how much we appreciated what he did for the Guild. We made this video for him but it was never shown to public. It was funny that day when we were all taking the pics with him. We kept stalking him all around the town!

Enjoy the video!

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