Celebrate Haradon’s Renewal Day with Gems

Order & Chaos

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It is time to take your hero to a whole new level with Order & Chaos 2: Redemption’s latest update. Use the power of Gems, unlock the true power of your hero, and discover even greater strategic depth in Gameloft’s incredible MMORPG. Also, prepare to enjoy the Renewal Day celebrations in Haradon.

Gems are everyone's best friend

Order & Chaos 2: Redemption’s update 9 unleashes a whole new level of power and strategic possibilities for you. By using gems, you can now select what stats and attributes you want to boost on your character to give them the edge.


Collect gemstones and attach them to your gear to increase different attributes. You can improve your agility, wisdom, armor, and resistance - allowing you to spec your character to suit your play style.

Tanks may choose to increase their armor and resistance, while a DPS class may decide to focus on upping their agility and wisdom. Choose whether you want to min-max your character or create a more balanced, versatile hero.

Delve the depths

Test your character build by taking on an all new Classic Dungeon. Travel to the Shifting Sands to battle the Goblin Master and his many followers. Inside this area uncover numerous secrets and epic gear!


Update 9 also brings Renewal Day to Haradon! Enjoy solo dungeons, special events, and quests throughout the festivities. During these celebrations you can also earn special pets, mounts, vanities, fashion items, and more.

The easy life

While all these fresh features are sure to excite, there a whole host of other less obvious additions. These are thanks to the Order and Chaos 2: Redemption developers who have been hard at work on quality of life improvements to enrich the experience for all players - from beginners to veterans.


Auto Travel is key among these. This is set to make all player’s lives much easier, and their time in Haradon far more efficient. Just tap on a quest to automatically move to the location of interest. This massively speeds up travel times - plus no more getting lost.

Long time Heros can look forward to improved future downloads too. DLC no longer requires that you download the whole game from scratch - just grab what’s new and get back to questing.

Take on an all new Dungeon and embrace the power of the Demon Sould Stones in this latest Update!

Those players just joining the action should find their experience more exciting. Quests are redesigned between levels 1 and 15. And this is complimented by some rebalanced difficulty that smooths the early game progression. Plus, there are new sign-in and seven day rewards.

All Order and Chaos 2: Redemption players are going to find something for them in update 9. Download the update and the game on Android and iOS today. Keep up with all the latest on Facebook and YouTube.