Become a master at arms in N.O.V.A. update 2

N.O.V.A. Legacy

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N.O.V.A. Legacy update 2 has arrived and it is making additions to the game's multiplayer that make it bigger than ever. A weapons revolution is set to change the way you fight other players, providing you with more tactical options to suit your play-style while keeping the action balanced and fair.

That's right, more PVP players in GL's sci-fi FPS that inc. CQC… OMG! (Sorry).

Disk of death!

With a solid focus on weapons, N.O.V.A. Legacy second update is about to take the ferocity of combat to the next level in Gameloft’s classic sci-fi shooter.


There are two major alterations to weapons in this update. One sees completely fresh kill-toys being added to your futuristic arsenal. The other, familiar guns being overhauled to add previously unseen features for you to master.

The Melee Disk is one of these exciting additions. This brand new short-range weapon provides several advantages. For a start it is stealthy allowing you to sneak up on your foes and catch them totally off guard. It also levels-up automatically with you, allowing it to grow with your skills.

This is my rifle


Remember your arsenal of sci-fi weapons? Well, look again… notice how they all look shinier now? That is because every gun is now available in three flavors - Common, Rare, and Epic. These different classes do not simply ramp up the power from one to the next. Where one class may do more damage, you will find its range, firing-rate, or accuracy lowered to compensate. Find what works for you, master it, and emerge the champion!

The easiest way to unlock these guns is to craft them from collectable cards. Gather Common, Rare, and Epic cards for each type. Once you have enough you can access the weapon and add it to your arsenal.


Defend yourself

Damage output is not the only addition in N.O.V.A. Legacy’s second update. You also have a new defensive option. Boost your Mobile Armor Suit's power by upgrading the "Mark 1" chest plate. Giving you a hide like a Rhino, with this extra attached you can charge into the PVP multiplayer knowing that you are ready for anything.


Bigger is better

N.O.V.A. Legacy’s multiplayer is actually growing. Deathmatch can now accommodate up to eight players at once in its online battles. Expect fights to be even more dynamic and frantic as you battle seven others for supremacy.

Become a master at arms and get into the thick of the multiplayer FPS action in Gameloft’s sci-fi shooter. Download N.O.V.A. Legacy now for Android. You can also follow the game on Facebook.