N.O.V.A. story retrospective: Part 1

N.O.V.A. Legacy

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In honor of the upcoming N.O.V.A. Legacy, Gameloft Central has decided to look back at the sci-fi franchise's galaxy-hopping story. Below is a transcript of the video - just so you can study it at your leisure.


Welcome to Gameloft’s retrospective on the NOVA series, where we are going to look back over the story of Captain Kal Wardin.



With Earth no longer able to support civilization, much of the population moves to Near-Orbit satellites. As humanity scrambles to colonize the galaxy, the Near-Orbits group together to form the Near-Orbit Vanguard Alliance or NOVA for short.

Then danger emerges when one of two vanished military cargo ships called the Colonial Pride, reappears on course for the Near-Orbits - and it won’t answer hails. Marine Captain Kal Wardin is tasked with entering the ship along with his partner AI, Yelena, to discover what is going on.

We take a moment to look back at the N.O.V.A. series - our FPS, Sci-Fi epic.

The threat

But no one realizes the true threat, because the Pride is a Trojan Horse hiding an invading force of Xenos, intent on the annihilation of humanity. Kal and Yelena push this menace back, successfully activating the Pride’s auto-destruct system.

During his escape, Kal is contacted by a sentient AI called Prometheus, who offers his help. The heroic captain escapes the exploding ship and finds himself on the planet of New Ceres.


Splash down

And best you learn this lesson now - Kal is not a lucky man. This planet is already swarming with Xenos who are invading through portals.

Kal directs his efforts towards one of the portals. Battling to close it Prometheus reveals that there is corruption in the Human Colonial Administration. They intend to kill him if he is successful in his mission. Yelena agrees – but is then quickly deleted by the Alliance. So, when Kal sees Alliance soldiers coming to retrieve him, he leaps through the collapsing portal.



They emerge in an alien city to find themselves stranded.

In this city, the two discover the reason for the attack... The Xenos are actually caretakers of an advanced ancient race known as The Judgers. They watched over younger races, detecting when a civilization acquires dangerous technologies, then stepping into Judge the species. But, with no need of them in the last millennia, they decided to go into suspended animation.

This city is controlled by an Automated Command Core, which ordered the invasion after Pride’s sister-ship crashed near the city – an act it misinterpreted as an attack. Finding the Core, Kal uses his trademark diplomacy to destroy it, stopping the program and the attack.


The truth

This awakens a Judger who reveals that Kal’s actions prove there is hope for humanity. But not for its corrupt leaders. The corrupt are cast out, Prometheus is made a representative of humanity, Yelena is restored, everyone lives happily ever after, and no more star-ships are senselessly destroyed.

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Update : N.O.V.A. Legacy is now available for Android devices.