N.O.V.A. Legacy Update 2 in One Minute

N.O.V.A. Legacy

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The second update to Gameloft's sci-fi shooter, N.O.V.A. Legacy, brings with it a total overhaul to the game's weapons. Learn all about these in just 60 seconds with our review of the update in the video below.

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N.O.V.A. Legacy update 2 delivers a weapons revolution. Change the way you battle other players in PVP with a revitalized weapon system that ratchets up the multiplayer ferocity.

One new element is the Melee Disk. Slice and dice your foes - providing you can get close enough. Sneak up and cut your enemies down to size. This fatal Frisbee even levels-up with you, so its power is constantly increasing.

A class of their own

It isn’t just new weapons - your old arsenal has also been refreshed. There are now Common, Rare, and Epic classes of each gun, which dictate how they handle. For example, while the Epic sniper rifle may be powerful, you could be more attracted to the rare version with its higher fire rate.

Unlock these guns by crafting them from cards collected in-game. Once you have enough cards, build the weapon and it to your loadout... if they match your play-style.

One other addition that up close and personal players may enjoy is that of the Mark 1 chest plate. While everyone will benefit from the extra defense this armor offers, it is CQC players with their Melee Disk and shotguns that will reap the most from this new tool.


Update 2 of N.O.V.A. Legacy makes the game’s PVP arena Deathmatch battles more intense than ever - even upping the player count from six to eight.

Jump in now, and start your fight today.

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