N.O.V.A. story retrospective: Part 3

N.O.V.A. Legacy

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With N.O.V.A. Legacy on the horizon we are looking back at Gameloft's classic sci-fi FPS franchise. The final part of our three part video series, will celebrate the story of N.O.V.A. 3: Freedom Edition and see where Kal Wardin's adventure concludes.

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This is it, the third part of our N.O.V.A. retrospective. We’ve seen Kal Wardin uncover The Judgers, destroy three spaceships, and secure a powerful relic – if you haven’t seen those yet, go back and watch them now – there’s a lot to cover in NOVA 3, we don’t have time to go over it all!


Four months on

Four months pass since the N.O.V.A. 2 and once again Kal is laying low. In part due to his actions (and to avoid war) the colonies have been placed under a Volterite protectorate.

Yelena contacts Kal and asks him to return to earth to meet in San Francisco. This means stepping on board a spaceship. Thank you for flying N.O.V.A. airlines we hope you enjoy your crash!

This is the third and final part of our N.O.V.A. story retrospective. Come and join Kal Wardin as he battles his way through the sci-fi FPS classic, N.O.V.A. 3.

Smashing down into the Volterite infested San Fran, Kal makes his way to Yelana in a NOVA base for evacuation.

Welcome to San Francisco

Arriving, he discovers that Yelena is now… real… having been gifted a body by Prometheus. She explains that she and NOVA were trying to overthrow the Volterite controlled government. Now she needs Kal’s help to recovering a piece of terraforming-Judger-tech that NOVA forces have “acquired”. Despite objections to having stolen from the Judgers, he agrees.


Jumping into a buggy - he rescues the device. But it's not over as Prometheus reveals a second Judger device has been found, and he must secure that too. Immediately!

Kal is teleported to a Judger-ship. Here he meets the rebel-Volterite named Maz-Rah, who wants the ship to aid his resistance movement. Agreeing to collaborate, Maz uses his psychic abilities to find the artifact, and they plan to repair the ship and kill the on board Volterite. Together they fix the ship and use its systems to take control. Kal gets the artifact, and Maz gets the ship. Job done.

Next stop Broeas

Without warning Kal is transported, with Yelena, to the planet Broeas. Prometheus again - because apparently there’s a third artifact. Meeting with Kal's old ally, Rufus, they fight their way to a comm station and use it to triangulate their target.


But Prometheus warns them that it is a trap, the artifact is already on route to Volteron. To make matters worse, the Judgers know what is going on and plan to punish both races with eradication. With the stakes raised significantly our three heroes rush to Volteron.

On arrival they meet with Maz-Rah and together head to the generator that powers the artifact. Which, it turns out, is a planet killing weapon. Splitting up, to they lose Maz but - with the generator approaching full capacity - they push on.

The final fight

Finding the reactor chamber they meet once again with Maz, but he is clearly battling some internal turmoil. The psychic turns on them. Yelena sacrifices herself to save Kal, while the two soldiers use every trick they know but are still unable to win.


Maz is about to finish Kal, when the Volterite Overmind appears. In a moment of clarity Maz’Rah breaks the Overmind’s hold and kills him - dying in the process.

But aren’t the Judges going to kill everyone?  Well, nope! Both races proved themselves worthy thanks to the actions of Kall and Maz‘Rah.

And that, my friends, is N.O.V.A. - the story of one hero, his AI partner, and A LOT of crashed starships. Remember to like, share, and subscribe to get more great Gameloft videos.

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Update : N.O.V.A. Legacy is now available for Android devices.