Win 400 Gems and celebrate 6 years of My Little Pony: Magic Princess

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MY LITTLE PONY: Magic Princess is currently celebrating its six Pony-versary! It is an exciting time with Pinkie Pie is running herself ragged organizing parties everywhere across Equestria. As part of the revelry, there is a chance for everypony to walk away with amazing rewards thanks to the 6th Pony-versary Community Milestone Challenge! Five lucky ponies who take part are also going to win 400 Gems in-game!

Lots of ways to enter!

Everypony can take part in this event, and there are lots of ways to enter to reach those milestones! Each vote adds to the total. By reaching different thresholds every player will be gifted in-game rewards, including Coins and Gems. Plus, at the end of the event, we are going to randomly select five lucky ponies to win 400 Gems.


Some actions get you a single entry. By visiting MY LITTLE PONY: Magic Princess Facebook page you will get one post, and you can get another just for checking out a post. You can also pick up two more votes by completing similar actions on the game's Instagram page.

After that, however, you can start getting even more entries for single actions. Subscribe to MY LITTLE PONY: Magic Princess's YouTube channel for three entries, leave a comment for another two, you can even download the game for two more.

But, the action that provides you the most entries is sharing the 6th Pony-versary Community Milestone Challenge directly with friends. Every time you share a special link with friends, and they click it, you will get five extra entries. Do this as many times as you like to hugely increase your chance of taking home the 400 Gem grand prize!

Everypony who plays MY LITTLE PONY: Magic Princess is no doubt going to be eager to get involved with this exciting competition. Work with the community to unlock all of the amazing gifts.

Enter and win!

While everpony can enter for the community milestone rewards, be sure to check out the terms and conditions to ensure you are eligible to win the 400 Gem prize.

You can enter below or by heading to this MY LITTLE PONY: Magic Princess Facebook page.

Pony-versary Community Milestone Challenge

So, come and join the six-year celebrations in MY LITTLE PONY: Magic Princess! Applejack has the fritters and pies prepared, Pinkie Pie’s decorations are up, and Rarity has everyone looking fantastic. Plus, get even more involved with everything in Equestria on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and the game’s official site.

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