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Update v0.11.1: Modern Combat Versus improves, again!

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I am getting increasingly excited for Modern Combat Versus, and can't wait for news of its release date. Until then I am eagerly tuned to news of its soft launch. It is fair to say all of the reports of its continued improvements have me ready to start playing the latest iteration of Gameloft’s longstanding FPS franchise today. Update v0.11.1 continues this trend, with a new currency, daily bonuses, an Agent Shop, and other balance tweaks.

Update: It is out now. Download MCVS on iOS, Android, or Windows!

Loads of new additions

A number of additions and refinements have been made in v0.11.1, but the most exciting are Korpens. Yes, the obvious question is “what are Korpens?”, and the answer is simple - a new form of currency.

Earned in Daily Crates and by playing matches, Korpens are an exciting new currency that allow you to buy new Agents to play with.


Now, for those of you currently enjoying the soft launch, that last paragraph probably sparked two new questions - “What Daily Crates?” and “Where can I buy Agents?”

The answer to the first of these is that Daily Crates are replacing Daily Contracts. By logging in everyday and competing in matches you can earn a series of these reward filled boxes. Inside you can find Versus Coins, Diamonds, and Korpens. Best of all, you win Daily Crates regardless of match outcomes. So, it doesn’t matter what your skill levels is, you still get to enjoy these prizes. Play every day to make sure you never miss out.

“Where can I buy Agents?” is also answered by a new addition to MCVS in update v0.11.1 – there is now an Agent Shop. Here you can spend Korpens or Diamonds to unlock Agents. This means that the Agent XP you earn from Crates in now only used for upgrading your favorite Agents. You'll be able to accumulate Agent XP even for Agents you have not unlocked yet.


Balances and tweaks

But update v0.11.1's changes are not limited only to new features. Balance alterations have been made to the gameplay and several Agents. It's an ongoing task, but an important one to ensure Modern Combat Versus is perfect when it leaves soft launch.

The team has been focused on improvements to make the gameplay experience more fluid, balanced, and fast paced. This has demanded a number of changes, but some are of more note than others.

One of these changes is that Core Charges now recharge more slowly. This prevents you becoming too reliant on your Agent's abilities. On the other end of the spectrum, respawn timers have been reduced to get you back into the action more rapidly.


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Modern Combat Versus’ team has also tweaked how long you are out of the action for after a death. You can now reenter the fight on each map from twice as many spawn points. These have also been moved closer to Control Zones to ensure you respawn back into the action quickly.

The final noticeable gameplay change is to the game length. Match time has been increased by 20%. This additional time allows for even greater back-and-forth during each match. Now the losing team has more of a chance to claw their way back, while also cranking up the tension for a team trying to hold their advantage.


Creating perfect chaos

Agent balancing is a more intense process. Continuing their work, the MCVS team are constantly making balance changes to these characters’ abilities and stats. Data received during the soft launch makes this possible, as it gives the developers the opportunity to see how Agents are used by players alone and in squads.

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You can read the update's full patch notes that detail every one of these changes on the game’s official forum. However, to give you a taste of the changes being made, JUKE’s Touchdown ability makes for a perfect example.


Both the damage buff offered and the radius of the Touchdown have been reduced. To balance this the ability has had a significant improvement to its healing powers. The goal here is to improve this Agent’s ability role as a defender. Now rather than being used offensively the Touchdown ability is perfect for crowd control, enabling you to hold enemies off a point when needed.

This is more in keeping with JUKE’s planned role on the battlefield. It also shows the team's dedication and focus. Their goal is to deliver the best possible experience with MCVS through these constant improvements.

You can pre-register for Modern Combat Versus now over on the game’s official site. Plus, be sure you never miss the latest game news by following it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Oh, and if you are lucky enough to live in a soft launch region, then you can start enjoying MCVS on iOS, Android, and Windows now.