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The HONOR MCVS International Series, prove yourself

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Gameloft is partnering with Huawei to bring you the HONOR MCVS International Series. Powered by the Honor View10, this mobile esports contest pits teams from six territories against each other as they fight to prove themselves the world’s greatest players of this next-gen mobile FPS.

Is your squad good enough to conquer your country and go to Paris to compete for €10,000 in the Grand Finals? Then find out how to enter below!

Enter now, prove your HONOR!

The HONOR MCVS International Series will feature teams from France, Germany, Spain, Italy, India, and Malaysia. Their goal is simple, to prove themselves the dominant force in Gameloft’s next-gen mobile shooter.


Taking place over three phases, the HONOR MCVS International Series kicks off with The Qualifiers. These run from February 11th until February 24th, and are open to any budding players in the six competing countries.

If your squad thinks it has what it takes to be your nations best, then you can REGISTER HERE!

National HONOR

National Finals mark the second stage of the Series. With the best teams from each of the nations decided in the first phase, this round is set to see the mobile esports competition intensify when it takes place on March 3rd.


You can follow the National Final results on the event's ESL page, where they will be updated live. Be sure to check it out to see which teams are going to the third stage, the Grand Finals.

The best of the best

Six teams, representing each of the competing countries, are going to make their way to Paris for the Grand Final. And if the honor of that isn't enough, the winners also walk away with a prize of €10,000 and four Honor View10 phones!


Powered by the Honor View10, the HONOR Modern Combat Versus International final is taking place on April 7th in the ESL Studios, Paris. The event will be live streamed on the events ESL page. All you esports aficionados can follow the action in real-time to discover which country is home to the best MCVS players.

If you want a shot at esports glory, you can register for the HONOR MCVS International Series here.

The strength of HONOR

The HONOR MCVS International Series is powered by the Honor View10, your first phone with an AI processor. This technology delivers up to 25 times better performance, making it the perfect way to enjoy the next-gen mobile graphics of Gameloft’s premier FPS. Plus, with its 3,750 mAh battery and Honor SuperCharge technology, you can be sure you have the power to finish the fight.


If you want to start your rise to mobile FPS esports dominance, then you can download Modern Combat Versus now. You can also follow the game on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube to keep up with all the MCVS news.