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Get a new look with Modern Combat Versus Agent skins

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Modern Combat Versus has introduced an avalanche of bling skins for your favorite characters. Bringing fresh looks to a host of your favorite Agents, these allow you to play the game in a choice of styles! MCVS’s visual and character art is already incredible, and these new looks show this off even more.

Enforcer Tower

Tower is receiving a new Enforcer Skin. This powerful looking suit gives this massive Agent a striking, vicious look. It appears more streamlined than his regular Skin, plus it features glowing white eyes to really intimidate the opposition.

The Tower Enforcer Skin also has the distinction of being the Agent’s first new look.

You can acquire this mean looking outfit from the in-game Skins store for both Diamonds and Tickets.


A golden Ghost

Everyone’s favorite skull-faced Agent is getting a very shiny alternative skin. Retaining much of his classic look, the Gold Ghost skin adds a metallic look to his armor. This swaps practicality for flair - the perfect way to rub your foes nose in your superior skills.

This shiny skin also features glowing blue eyes and armor highlights around his ribs. It even gives his familiar shotgun golden tiger stripes.

The Gold Ghost Skin originally arrived during a Frenzy Week. However, keep an eye out to see if it reappears in the future!


Monark still stylin’

Monark has always prioritized style, and his new Elegant Skin only continues this trend. Keeping his buttoned-up look, this outfit further accentuates the French sniper’s lean form.

The Elegant Monark skin also features a glowing blue symbol on the forehead of his helmet. Is it just a stylish addition - or is it a representation of a targeting system usually only Monark can see? This look also provides a brilliant white gun to match the rest of the skin.

Like the Golden Ghost skin, the Elegant Monark skin initially arrived during a Frenzy Weekend. Keep your scope trained on MCVS to see if this skin reemerges in the future.

Kan steps into the Coliseum

The next of these stylish new looks is Kan’s Coliseum skin. Like Tower’s Enforcer Skin, this is Kan’s first new outfit. It offers a centurion inspired helmet, no doubt designed to limit the damage this Defensive Agent takes when holding a point.

A blue glow also emanates from the Coliseum Kan Skin. The perfect addition to keep enemies’ attention trained on this tank of an Agent and away from your Attackers with lighter armor.

Released during a Kan Frenzy Weekend, fans of the Agent will have to keep an eye out for another opportunity to acquire this skin.

KAN's Frenzy Weekend is now live in #MCVS! Unlock his new Coliseum skin and unleash your godly skills across the battlefield!

Golden Swift

Among this avalanche of outfits is the Gold Swift Skin. Like the Gold Ghost skin, this gives the speedy shotgun touting Agent a flamboyant style.

Glowing eyes will strike fear into enemy Agents as Swift comes at them - perhaps distracting them from the tiger stripes that now adorn her powerful close range gun.

Another Frenzy Weekend Skin, be sure to login regularly to see if you can add this to Swift’s wardrobe.



R0NEN’s first skin has also appeared. Giving the katana-wielding defensive Agent a brand new look, the Oni-Masa R0NEN skin has a distinctly demonic style.

Creating new details for his helmet, such as horns and devilish glowing red eyes - the Oni-Masa offers a style that suits this Agent perfectly. This is further accentuated by a gold and white color scheme to ensure people really notice you rocking this stylish outfit.

This was another Frenzy Weekend skin. So, if you want the Oni-Masa R0NEN skin now then you will have to keep an eye out for the next opportunity.

Support your country

While not every Agent has yet received a full new skin, the most recent update has gifted them all a flag to fly.

Which country and Agent will you support? Hashtag with China? The Portugal supporter Creeper? Or perhaps you want to side with a winning team of France and M0NARK.

Unlock any of these skins now with Diamonds and a select few with Tickets.


Start expressing yourself with your favorite Modern Combat Versus Agent skins! Play today by downloading MCVS for free on Android, iOS, Windows, and Steam today. You can also join the game’s community on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Discord.