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Modern Combat Versus gets some truly unique skins

Modern Combat Versus

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Landing now in Modern Combat Versus are two very special new skins. Inspired and designed in collaboration with some incredible virtual Japanese YouTube personalities, these eye-popping outfits are guaranteed to may you standout on the battlefield and be the envy of your friends. Prepare for the arrival of Siro and Ubiba.

Introducing Siro, as Mi-Nu


The first of these stunning and popular virtual YouTubers is Siro. This anime-inspired woman is a bundle of energy! Her exuberant videos are a blast, even if you don’t speak Japanese.

In Modern Combat Versus, she is playing the part of Mi-Nu. Moving quickly, and yelling at her foes in Japanese and English, this is a union made in heaven. Plus, it gives this popular Agent a truly fascinating style as she leaps into the fight.

Read more about Siro's appearance on the Anime News Network.


You can earn Siro in creates during the upcoming Frenzy Weekend. Once unlocked you will also be able to take part in unique Special Events for the duration of this collaboration.

With special guest star, Ubiba

Entering the arena alongside Siro is Ubiba. With the body of a salaryman and the head of a horse (yes, you read right), this virtual YouTuber has a distinct style.


There is only one Agent that this guy could possibly embody - Blaze. Hai, hai, hai. With Ubiba there are two variations of his look on offer. The first is a full skin, with the horse’s head, blue suit, and tie. Like the Siro skin, this is available through a Frenzy Weekend. The second takes Blaze’s classic armor and places on it Ubiba’s iconic head. You can unlock this through Special Events, along with emblems, and other rewards!

Oh yes, and like the Siro skin, owning Ubiba is also going to give access to a Special Event.


To get Siro and Ubiba you must be quick! These virtual YouTubers will only be unlockable until September 16th. Be sure to get in and grab those crates to acquire these skins while you can.

Begin playing right now to unlock these incredible personalities in Modern Combat Versus. Download for free on Android, iOS, and Windows. And make sure you never miss an event by following MCVS on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Discord, and YouTube.