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Modern Combat Versus brings a rocket launcher to the Warzone

Modern Combat Versus

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Modern Combat VersusGameloft’s next-generation mobile-FPS, has expanded significantly thanks to two huge additions. First, CUB was added. This new Attacker Agent is completely mixing up squad strategies thanks to his powerful rocket-launcher. The other big update is the brand new Warzone game mode. Capture and hold three zones around the map in this explosive game of tug-of-war.

Enter Warzone

Released in Update 7, Warzone is Modern Combat Versus’ dynamic new game mode. When stepping into Warzone players must work together with their teams to capture three different areas on the map.

It works in a similar way to Zone Control, with the first team to get their counter to 100 winning the round. The difference is that, with three areas to capture, teams must separate and prioritize their attacks. While holding a single point should prove relatively simple, getting a second or a third starts to spread your team thin. But, the more zones you hold, the faster your counter - so there is a huge risk-reward.

How is your team going to coordinate to hold and capture zones? Are you going to move as one unit - constantly pushing back foes with high-damage Agents - or will you be more defensive and hold zones? Let’s discover how the Meta evolves with this fresh mode - and remember to change your Agents regularly to match your team’s current situation.

Cub joins the club


A new Attacker Agent has also joined the game, and he knows how to make an entrance! This is one fighter that might blow the doors off of Modern Combat Versus, both figuratively and literally, thanks to the powerful rocket launcher attachment on his gun!

If it wasn’t apparent already, this guy deals a lot of damage. Whether he is clearing enemies from points in Warzone and Zone Control or wiping people out for their data in Bounty, he will fit well into many teams' strategies. And this is particularly true when his Rocket Ability is combined with other abilities like Chapka’s Zap Trap - pull them in, and blow them apart.

Open up those crates for a chance to unlock Cub and add him to your crew so you can unleash him on your foes!

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