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MCVS HONOR International Series Finals Results

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The HONOR MCVS International Series Finals have finished. After two months of play, that had clans from six countries fighting to prove themselves the best in their home nation, a winner was decided in the ESL Studio, Paris.

Opening rounds

The action began with two brackets. Unfortunately, due to technical and personal issues, not all of the Indian team were able to attend. This resulted in only five teams available to compete for the €10,000 prize pool and an Honor View10 phone each.

This lead to some interesting changes to balance play in the two opening brackets.


In the first bracket, team Supremacy and The Royals battled for first place. This saw The Royals, from Spain, emerge victorious while the French Supremacy was left with their fate still in question.

Following that, the second bracket of three teams (EMP-Clan, R.E.D., and Bujang Lapok) fought to select two semi-finalists from their group. Qualifying first here was EMP Clan winning both of their games. For a real highlight from this bracket check out this incredible comeback that shows how EMP turned the tables on the Italian R.E.D.s to secure victory. The Italian team then secured their place in the semis by defeating Bujang Lapok.

This left the Malaysian Bujang Lapok fighting Supremacy to stay in the tournament. Supremacy took the victory, ensuring that they would go toe-to-toe with the German powerhouse, EMP Clan, in the semi-finals.



The Royals and R.E.D. were first to battle in order to decide a finalist. Having won their starting bracket, The Royals were the favorites. However, this did not stop R.E.D. who confidently took the first match. The second match saw more of a struggle for dominance with a tense back and forth. Eventually, however, the Italians secured a win to go 2:0 allowing them to advance to the final.

This 2:0 scoreline was replicated between EMP Clan and Supremacy. There were multiple pushes by both teams, resulting in the hotly contested objective regularly changing hands. But it was the second and final game that really saw things come down to the wire. Both teams held the objective at 99% for what felt like and age as the overtime counter changed hands repeatedly. It was thrilling. Eventually, however, it was EMP Clan that took the win and a place in the final.

The finals

This meant that the final was going to replicate the tensest match of the tournament, with R.E.D. and EMP Clan coming face to face once again. Because this was essentially a first round rematch, the advantage had to go to the Germans.

But which team won? Well, I am going to write it here in white. So, you are going to have to highlight it to find out. R.E.D. beat the odds and took home the €10,000 prize, and Italy's Honor. But I would recommend you watch the thrilling match in the live stream rather than take my word for it.


The HONOR MCVS International Series Grand Finals was a thrilling ride made possible by Gameloft’s partnership with the Honor View10 smartphone.

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