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Everything you need to know about MCVS Update 5

Modern Combat Versus

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Hey everyone! Matt from Gameloft here and the latest update for our awesome online mobile FPS Modern Combat Versus is rolling out right now. You can download it for FREE on iOS, Android, and Windows, and here’s everything you need to know about the epic new features in store…

Ultimate Abilities

In one of the biggest updates yet, we’ve overhauled the Agent upgrade system to give players more choice in the way they play. You’ll be able to acquire 22 modifications per Agent, culminating in all-new, game-changing Ultimate Abilities! Take Ghost, for example. His Ultimate means that if he kills someone while cloaked, he’ll stay cloaked.

The battle just got a whole lot deadlier!

Spectator Mode

One of the most requested features by far, we’re delighted to announce that Spectator Mode has come to Modern Combat Versus. Up to four players can now watch a Live Tournament in-game, switching between player perspectives and viewing real-time stats.

Alongside this, we’ve also introduced new options to make hosting tournaments even easier, with a round-based system and new rule presets ensuring fair and competitive battles at every level!

New Stuff

As well as new features, there’s new content too. Prepare to step into a new map as part of this update. Introducing Central, a neon-soaked urban battlefield in a favela once occupied by OCTO. But watch out for the potentially deadly train running through the center of the map.


There’ll be new skins, of course. It’s very important to shake up your Agents’ outfits every so often. But there’ll also be a new Agent entering the fray. Look out for more info on this roster addition soon!

There’s loads of other stuff coming too including new daily events, new promos and a whole lot more. Make sure that you’re following Modern Combat on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, of course, and if you haven’t already, download it now for free! It’s even available on Steam.