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Modern Combat Versus

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As a gun-for-hire in Modern Combat Versus you must be ready to fight for whoever is willing to give you a contract - be it Korp or OCTO. For some Agents, it takes time to remove their ideologies from the battle field. Others have a more pragmatic approach, believing no side is good. Then... there are those... who don't need to think about it.

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These outlandish, larger than life characters are lost in their own worlds. Bouncing erratically through their own thoughts, they fight because they want to fight. The money is just a bonus for these weirdos. But do not think that their unhinged nature makes them an easy target. No, these erratic Agents can to be prove absolutely lethal, with strange weapons and abilities they can easily catch you off guard - just like their personalities.

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Don’t you know that you're toxic?

In a different world, KULT could easily have become an upstanding citizen, perhaps even a world renowned pharmaceutical genius, inventing chemical compounds that could have created a better tomorrow. But in this world - Korp and OCTO took that away from him. It turns out “eccentric” doesn’t work well with “corporate” and OCTO didn’t appreciate his “chill” personality.  So he went rogue, and found a place where his dubious skills and substances fit it! In the futuristic world of Modern Combat Versus, he sought glory on the battlefield.


Making use of chemical weapons, this #AgentOfToxin has clearly been testing his arsenal's potency. He is spacey, giggly, and would be hard to take seriously if he wasn’t so dangerous. When placed on the ground his Venom Gadget will spring on any enemies unfortunate enough to pass it, dealing damage over time.

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While he may not be all there, the damage KULT deals is certainly all very present. Just ask any of his victims.

A disturbing distortion

CREEPER is the guy at the party who just stares at you. Just being around him is enough to make you feel uncomfortable, because no matter how much fun you are having he is just… there... breathing and… was that a hiss? Plus, apparently, he smells like rotting flesh. It doesn’t bother him, so why should it bother you?


Much like the horror-movie monsters he reminds you of, this #AgentOfDistortion’s ability is suitably scary - particularly for his enemies. His Vortex Rattle distorts time. Using this, CREEPER can teleport based on the direction he is moving - allowing him to seemingly jump through space. That’s right, it's not your imagination, he IS always near you.

Truly disturbed, CREEPER could almost be passed over as a dark and unsettling oddity, but he is just too good at what he does - finding and exploiting his opponent's weaknesses. Toying with his targets, it's easy to see why some feel he looks at them like food.

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Light’em up!

With a fiery character, the next Agent of Chaos to enter the battle is BLAZE. A charismatic freak who never listened to his mum (because he didn't have one) when she told him not to play with fire. An aggressive attacker, this eccentric agent has a burning desire to fight.


Lacking any self-control, this #AgentOfBurn is an erratic character. From one moment to the next you don’t know what you will get: the professional, the goofball, or the hot temper. With precisely zero filter, you will know everything that is on BLAZE’s mind as he burns his way across the battlefield.

His weapons and abilities complement his personality. With a flamethrower in hand, BLAZE sprays out fire indiscriminately… a bit like his opinions. This while he tosses his Mutant Grenade through the air to land near unsuspecting enemies, only to watch it explode like his temper on a bad day.

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