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Modern Combat Versus emerges on Steam

Modern Combat Versus

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If you are looking for a fast-paced, competitive, free-to-play FPS on Steam, then Modern Combat Versus is a perfect fit. Gameloft’s latest installment in its stunning shooter franchise is PvP focused. It offers players quick multiplayer matches, that pit two teams of four against each other in futuristic battles.

Covert wars

Play as an Agent of Chaos, soldiers of fortune that each have their own unique weapons and powers. These warriors' skills make them formidable in battle. You must utilize their diverse abilities to discover which suit you, and how they can complement the rest of your team.


Will you utilize powers like KAN’s Bubble Shield to defend your team? Or perhaps you'll focus more on your own kill count by sneaking up and assassinating enemies with abilities like GH0ST’s invisibility. New characters are coming with every update, ensuring Clan’s will constantly have to mix up their tactics and how they synergize to remain on top of their game.

Five stunning maps each provide unique warzones for the action to take place in. There are the glass spires of The Korp HQ, the ravaged Slums, and everything in between.


Expanding gameplay

Gameplay is intense, with rounds playing out in quick bursts. There are currently two game modes, each of which offers a very different play experience. First there is Zone Control, which forces each team to converge on a single point. Expect explosive combat as each side meets.

Bounty is the other game type. This sees you killing the opposing team to collect the data that they drop. Kill streaks increase the value of your data - so the better you play, the more of a target you become. More game modes are coming soon, as Modern Combat Versus continues to expand.

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Not only does Modern Combat Versus on Steam bring this shooter to a wider audience, it also delivers multiple features to enhance the PC experience. You can expect full controller support, FOV slider, frame rate limit, camera sensitivity, screen scale, anti-aliasing, and even more customization options.

Become an Agent of Chaos and join the fight in Modern Combat Versus by downloading it, for free, on Steam. You can also grab the game for iOS, Android, and Windows. Join a dedicated community of Agents by following MCVS on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.