Modern Combat 5’s new class: X1-Morph

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During the Holidays Modern Combat 5: Blackout released update 13. This brought with it a number of additions to Gameloft’s amazing shooter - by far the most notable of which is the new X1-Morph class.

X1-Morph is here

Modern Combat 5: Blackout has been a constantly evolving game since it first released, with new weapons, maps, and classes constantly being added. However, the character added in the latest update - X1-Morph - stands out for a number of reasons.


This powerful cyborg is the first playable female character in Modern Combat. As can be seen in the character art she is brilliantly designed, with armor custom built to play into her deadly combat skills.

Assassin on the battlefield

On the battlefield X1-Morph is even more impressive. Trained as an assassin, when this deadly cyborg-soldier kills an enemy with a knife or choke attack her face morphs into that of her victim. While this won't fool your opponents when they can see you, it does make you appear as a friendly on their radar helping you to get in close to execute vicious plays.


Another interesting skill of X1-Morph is that she is able to revive for a short period after she is taken down. During this time any melee kills allow her to recover half health to continue the fight.

Being a deadly assassin X1-Morph comes fully equipped with her own set of weapons. These guns are all modular, giving them a similar, distinctive look. They also have the ability to get bonuses from kills - with the bonus changing depending on the vanquished’s class. There are eight of the weapons in all which range from sniper-rifles to shotguns, unlock them all to experience even more devastating combat.

Meet the future..The X-1 female in Update XIII!

The Prestige

Modern Combat 5: Blackout’s update 13 also delivers the final three Prestige Weapons. With these now up for grabs, each class’s arsenal has been rounded off – leveling the playing field for everyone. These new Prestige weapons include the Heavy's V.L.A.D. that - once it has locked on - gives a one hit kill.

Meet the future..The X-1 female in Update XIII!

If you are already a Modern Combat 5: Blackout fan, then you are probably already enjoying X1-Morph and update 13. However, if you haven’t played for a while then you should try it out now. Keep up with all the game’s news on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter channels.