MC5 Update XXII introduces The Marauder

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With Update XXII, Modern Combat 5: Blackout is ready to deliver an even greater FPS experience. Bringing with it a mix of exciting new features and improvements to classics, this update is going to make sure that summer is explosive. Within this essential Intel drop you can discover a new Marauder class, details of a new Pro Tournament mode, and stunning new Prestige Skins.

Dual devastation

One gun not enough? Then the new Marauder class is for you. This guy hits the arena with one gun in each hand - both fully loaded and ready to spray hot fire it his enemies.


Able to dual-wield SMGs and full-auto pistols, this mercenary trades range and a second weapon slot to do unbelievable short range damage. With only one hand for each gun, his accuracy is low, but the insane rate of fire more than makes up for this. More kills will help The Marauder find his mark too, as this class’s accuracy increases with its killstreak.

The space saved by losing the second weapon also allows extra room for primary ammo. Because of this, even with his spray-and-pray attack style, you shouldn’t run out of ammo.

The Marauder has an impressive selection of different SMGs and full-auto pistols to help create his loadout. These start with Tier 1 RVK-09 Dual Uzis. But, as the tiers increase, so does the power. By the final Prestige and S.M.A.R.T Prestige Tiers, you are going to be taking into combat Hans & Gret Dual Pistols and Cas & Pole Dual Uzis (respectively).

Show you’re a Pro

A brand new play option is now available, the Pro Tournament game mode. This event has its own leaderboards and restricts a number of features to create a different feel to combat. Entering this mode will remove all players’ cores and Prestige weapons to ensure a flatter level of play.

To enter a Pro Tournament you need Pro Tickets. You get five of these when you first enter a tournament. After that you can receive more by logging in regularly, watching ads, inviting friends, or purchasing them with credits.

More looks and rewards

Update XXII is also brimming with additional extras. Check out exclusive Prestige Weapon skins designed to really give your favorite gun a stylish new look. Or you can be on the lookout for some Golden Skin bling on your old school classic weapons in the Shop Hub.

Players with powerful devices can also enjoy stunning new lighting effects - such as Bloom and Ambient Occlusion - to make MC5 look better than ever.

Remember, login daily for great rewards that may even include Prestige blueprints!

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