Make your gun as epic as your kills in MC5

Modern Combat 5

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If you want to stand out in the heat of battle then there is no better way to do it than with a splash of sparkle! The Modern Combat 5: Blackout team knows this, so they have something special for the showman in every soldier. A new golden vanity skin is being added to the game to bring a little additional bling to your arsenal.

(Don’t) Krube your enthusiasm

When you hit the battlefield it’s important you represent your style. You have to show your squad mates and your opponents your true self. And if you are feeling full on gangster, high-priced PMC, or international assassin then you need to flash your wealth. Unfortunately, you can’t really take your Maserati into a war zone, and Cristal will only take the edge off your skills – so you'll need some accessories. Introducing MC5’s new golden vanity skin for the Krube-37.

Grab your freshly polished Krube-37 and head into the foray, gun blazing. Use every one of your skills to lay waste to your foes in order to show them who the real boss is.

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This sub-machine gun was always eye catching, but this skin really makes it stand out. It is available now, so be sure to grab this bit of bling from the store while you can!

More precious on the way

The next of these fancy skins is going to be for the Kommander's SIX-MG! It is a weapon Uzies style, so you will always look the part as you lead the charge. Plus, there are going to be more of these skins on the way so, you are going to have to keep your eyes on the store to make sure you don’t miss out on the opportunity to pimp out your favorite gun.

Always be the focus of every fight with a golden gun. I promise you will look fabulous as you play with one of these weapons at your side.

Get your bling on with Modern Combat 5: Blackout’s new Krube-37 weapon skin. You can download the game now, for free, on iOS, Android, and Windows. And remember, you can join the game community on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.