MC5 update is carrying a full payload

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Modern Combat 5: Blackout fans get ready, because update XV delivers a megaton of fun. Featuring a brand new map, additional game mode, and much more – this update has a full payload. With competitive FPS play at its core, this update further refines MC5 for eSports.


The Modern Combat 5: Blackout team has been intently listening to fans and are delivering the most requested feature – a stunning new map. The Museum is an incredible environment in which you can put your skills to the test.


This arena is designed for both long and short range combat. Snipe down the building’s long corridors or get in for some close-combat action. Prepare for classic shooter mayhem.

Rethink your tactics

Cargo is a new game mode. This additional match type has an attacking team pushing a Cargo hauler forward on rails towards a target in the defending team’s base. More attackers near the payload cause it to move faster while defenders cause it to stop.

This creates a fraught battle, with both teams pushing towards a single point. Make use of all available cover as you move through maps’ more open areas.

Update XV brings a new playground as well as a new game mode! Check out a preview match between the dev team in the Museum!

Then, after one heart pounding match prepare for the roles to be reversed! Defenders and attackers switch sides. In the second match, the new attackers must try to beat the previous time or - if time expired - try and make it further. Cargo is a real test of individual skill and teamwork.

Armor and weapons

The eSport elements of Modern Combat 5 have seen the team go back to the armory. To further balance the game for competitive play the entire Armor Perk system is being replaced by Armor Cores.

There are three types of core you can equip. The first, Offensive, increases damage output and speed. Conversely the Defensive cores focus on increasing HP and defensive values. Finally, Utility cores provide other advantages like highlighting enemies behind walls or faster respawns.

You can mix and match Armor Cores of each type to suit your play style. For example Recon players can choose to become invisible to all but the naked eye by equipping both the Infiltrator (Utility) and Ethernal (Defense) cores. Unlock your armor’s true potential while still keeping the playing field level.

In older times, the crossbow was a marvelous weapon. Today, modern crossbows have evolved into high tech deadly weapons. Update XV introduces T.O.N.I. A brand new Secondary Weapon available to all agents who normally carry a sidearm in their missions.

Update 15 also brings with it T.O.N.I. - a Prestige Crossbow that is incredibly flexible. This is thanks to the fact it comes complete with four different ammo types. When using this unique bit of kit you have a basic (Graphene), EMP, Frost, and Fire arrows all tucked away in your quiver. These all have different advantages, so selecting the best for a given situation is key. When battling a turret – for example – an EMP can take out the offending machine with ease. Load up to three arrows at a time and get to work.

Final tweaks

Update 15 also adds an Embedded Video feature. Follow MC5 eSport streams and watch the best MC5 YouTube streamers. See the best tactics out there and incorporate them into your play – all without leaving the game.


Prepare your assault! Download Modern Combat 5: Blackout and update 15, right now, for free on iOS, Android, and Windows. To keep up with all the latest MC5 news follow it on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.