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Modern Combat Versus

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Gameloft’s military first-person multiplayer shooter, Modern Combat Versus, is now available for download Worldwide! Pick up your weapon and become an Agent of Chaos. Take contracts and fight for whichever side is prepared to pay the most as the company, Korp, and the resistance, OCTO, battle for dominance in intense 4V4 battles.

An evolution of the mobile FPS

We have been eagerly awaiting the release of Modern Combat Versus since it was first teased. With the promise of high-intensity competitive FPS action, we picked over every soft-launch update and piece of early gameplay we could find. Now, with the game finally here, we are happy to say that every ounce of expectation was justified!

Modern Combat Versus is a competitive multiplayer shooter with a focus on its unique characters and intense 4V4 Zone Control gameplay.

Set in a near future world, you become a gun for hire as part of an underground mercenary group. Happy to fight for whoever offers the most money, you are an Agent of Chaos. And work is good, because the war between Korp and OCTO is keeping you very busy.

With five different environments to fight across, you must familiarize yourself with every corner of each map. Master how to exploit the layout of different areas as you battle back and forth for dominance with your four-person squad.

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Every area looks incredible, with visuals that make them feel real and inhabited. As you journey from the shining rooftops of Korp's "Apex" HQ to the squalid "Slums" - which are based on the popular “Dog Days” map from Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour - you can instantly identify where you are within the larger world.

Maps are hand built to enable a variety of combat options - from ranged to up close and personal. Fight through all of these areas and dominate. Earn trophies, move through ranked leagues, and battle in fortnightly seasons to climb the leaderboards.

All four one

You have 12 diverse Agents available to control in MCVS. Each of these offers their own weapons, skills, and abilities. Divided into one of four classes, you can easily select the right character, for any situation or play-style.


If you like to stand toe-to-toe with your enemy and deal out constant damage, then you need an Attacker like LOCK. Another aggressive class is that of the Assassins - who may not have an abundance of health but possess an agility that allows them to avoid attacks. Agents like GH0ST, with his invisibility and shotgun, perfectly fit this class.

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If you play more of a supporting role, or need to hold a point while your squad deals damage, then there are Defenders. TOWER is a member of this resilient class, and he can absorb most of what his enemies can deal out.

Finally, there is the Specialist class. These are fighters who like to control and manipulate the arena to their advantage. It is a skilled class - but one that can be incredibly useful in the right hands.


As you add Agents to your roster you must learn how to use them and how they complement others on the battlefield. Unlock and level-up every Agent using Agent XP and Versus Coins to reveal all of the tactical options available.

Streamlined intensity

One focus for the MCVS team was to create a game that was accessible to new players while remaining a serious competitive shooter. And all of this while adding more maneuverability to the series – including parkour-style wall runs. The designers' solution to this was surprisingly simple - customization controls.

Starting the game you are met by a new default streamlined interface. Here the left of the screen intuitively controls movement such as sprint, mantle, and wall-run, while the right controls aim. To help newcomers focus on movement and teamwork, this control-scheme also auto-fires anytime your sights pass an enemy Agent.

Don’t worry though veteran players, all of your favorite control methods are still available. From the Options Menu you can adjust features like aim and movement sensitivity, iron-sights, and toggle the Shoot Button on and off. This last option removes the auto-fire feature, allowing you to choose to shoot and execute tactics like covering fire.

Modern Combat Versus is available now Worldwide! Download it now for iOS, Android, and Windows. Follow MCVS on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube to keep up with all the news.