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Exclusive Modern Combat Versus pre-register rewards on Google Play

Modern Combat Versus

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Pre-registration for Gameloft’s upcoming multiplayer shooter Modern Combat Versus is continuing, and growing. As well as pre-registering on the game’s official site, eager Android FPS fans can now show their interest on Google Play.

Update: MCVS has been released Worldwide. Download it for iOS, Android, or Windows.

Don’t miss out

That’s right, the MCVS team is offering even more ways for you to pre-register for this upcoming team-based shooter.

By heading over to Google Play, Android owners can now visit the Modern Combat Versus store page. Previously this was only available in the soft launch countries. Now, however, you are met by a game description and pre-register button.


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Doing this provides several advantages. First, you will receive a push notification when the game releases, prompting you to install the game and dive into the action.

Another huge bonus is that pre-registrants are also going to receive an exclusive in-game Starter Crate when Modern Combat Versus launches. This reward is worth $7.99 USD and contains Versus Coins, Agent XP, and Korpens to give you a day-one edge on expanding your squad. These rewards are completely separate from those offered over on the game’s official site. So, you can register there too for even more bonuses when the game releases.


Unfortunately, players in soft launch regions will not be eligible for this reward, nor will players in Italy due to legal constraints (sorry). Also, you will not be able to pre-register if your device isn't currently supported - but keep checking, more devices are constantly being added during the soft launch.

Even more rewards unlocking


Don’t worry if you are intending to play on iOS or Windows, you can still pre-register on the official MCVS site. Here you can track the current level of the community reward meter - which is now nearly full. When it reaches its max level, even more rewards are going to unlock for fans once the game launches worldwide.

In the game's soft launch regions? Download MCVS now.

Head over to the Modern Combat Versus official site now and pre-register. Those in the soft launch regions can enjoy the game today on iOS, Android, and Windows 8.1 and 10 PCs. You can also keep up with all the latest from Modern Combat Versus on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.