Modern Combat Blackout Coming to Nintendo Switch

Modern Combat Blackout

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With a long history of success on mobile devices going back to 2009 Modern Combat is making history once more, taking its Military Simulation First Person Shooter experience to console for the first time. Modern Combat Blackout will be the first game of its kind on the Nintendo Switch, with fast paced multiplayer action with up to 12 people playing together locally or online.

With six games released to date, Modern Combat has established itself as a leading FPS series on mobile, regularly appearing in top ten lists of mobile FPS titles. Over the years we have seen the series grow from strength to strength, bringing new game modes and intense multiplayer battles to all the small screens in our pockets. Now the team has done it again, bringing innovation to the fastest-selling console of this generation.

Game Modes

So what have we got in store?

Well, in Modern Combat Blackout you will never fight alone. With all new 6v6 Team Battles and 8 player Skirmishes, there's no excuse to not get together with your friends IRL or online and test your skills. However, if you’re more of a lone wolf, you can also enjoy offline Free-for-All on any of the maps with up to 12 players battling together locally.

Looking for something a little more structured? There are also more than 80 challenging missions for you to complete, and a special hostage scenario challenge to save the captured civilians.


This may be a military sim, but this army doesn't want a bunch of identical soldiers. So we're giving you plenty to customise, from your load-out with more than 100 available weapons, to your camouflage, weapon skins and trinkets. So take advantage of every opportunity to stand out on the battlefield, and make sure your enemy knows exactly who it is that's giving them a bad day.

A Real Combat Simulator

We're not just bringing the game to the Nintendo Switch, we’re innovating on what makes the series great with all new intuitive control schemes that keep you engaged and always in control of the action. That includes  an immersive HD Rumble feature the lets you really feel every hit.

Now we've all heard someone complain about the aiming on console. Well, we've added in an optional Gyro Control mode you can enable to make aiming your weapons more natural and accurate.

Here at Gameloft, we couldn't be more excited about what the MC team has accomplished with this release, and we know you're gonna feel the same way once you get your hands on it. The game will be available soon on the Nintendo eShop.

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Wanna get a peek of what’s coming? Download MC5 for mobile HERE