March of Empires

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March of Empires includes Realm Rivalry and Mentoring

March of Empires

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February is here and I have already broken all of my New Year's Resolutions… so my 2018 is truly underway. But if you are doing better than me with your promises of self-improvement, then March of Empires' first update of the year is here to help. Alongside a plethora of refinements, designed to ensure MoE is among the best military strategy games, there is also a Realm Rivalry event and a Mentoring Program.

Help to make everyone stronger

If you consider yourself a skilled player, and you want to be kinder in 2018, then consider the Mentoring Program. Once you reach Castle level 15 this option unlocks and is accessible from the Champion screen. You can invite any level 1-14 players from your realm to become your students. Teach others what you have learned on your journey to prevent them making the same mistakes.


Of course, Students of this program can also fulfill their 2018 resolution to become better at March of Empires. By studying under a Mentor they can learn from these experienced players to improve their play-style.

Students receive special missions. These include building and training units, resource gathering from the world map, and more. Best of all, when these are completed, both sides of the Mentor Program receive rewards that range from boosts to gold!

A Rivalry in your Realm


There is a new Event coming in update 20 that will split the realm in twain. As it begins, two large Fortresses will spawn - one golden and one dark. Following this everyone in the realm is placed into one of two factions, the Golden Coats or the Dark Capes (you’ll be able to see which you are aligned with from the background color of your Castle level on the World Map). A reward of Gold will also be given to members of both teams at the beginning of the event.

A Medieval road connects the Fortresses. This is a Battering Ram route, and both sides of this Realm Rivalry must battle to push this Ram towards their opponents Fortress by defeating Rebel Forces that have ambushed the Ram to score points.


There are three challenge levels to these Rebels, each yielding different scores when defeated: Easy (1 point), Normal (3 points), and Hard (7 points). The first team to reach 350 points will advance the Battering Ram one step, where it will sit until attacked again by Rebels - restarting the process.

Once a Fortress is reached, the conquering faction will be rewarded with its Gold. The event doesn’t end there though, as another Medieval Road will spawn.

Mastering Medieval strategy

That isn’t all 2018’s first update has to offer March of Empires' players, with new and improved content also coming. This includes Daily Urns getting a revamp, new Alliance Tasks on the way, Alliance Flags, and PvE.


There are Quality of Life changes, too. All of these are designed to ensure MoE sits among the best military strategy games on mobile.

Celebrate 2018 all over again with March of Empires 20th update! Download it on iOS, Android, and Windows. Plus, follow the game on Facebook and YouTube to join the conversation.