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Continuing the advance in March of Empires

March of Empires

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The advance of Gameloft’s strategy game, March of Empires, continues with update 12. It brings with it new ways of governing your Region, upgrades to Faction Units, and a other improvements. This is an update worthy of an Emperor.

Rule with a firm hand

Whether you are a Knight, Sultan, or Tsar you need a way to efficiently manage your city and its place in the Realm. Update 12 of March of Empires gives you just that.


Known as Regional Governance, this new addition gives you greater control over how you govern your city and manage your territory. You can now assign Regions to trusted members of your alliance. This allows your appointed decision makers to provide powerful and precise management, Region by Region, as it is needed.

In total there are seven methods of governing, each with their own rewards. Select a focus – from economic to military growth – and watch as your enforcers carry out your wishes.


Strategic control of the battlefield

March of Empires’s latest update also delivers upgrades to the Faction Units. There are now 30 ranks for these units. These bring with them a greater range of upgrade options, making you stronger both offensively and defensively. Improvements include the ability to increase units’ health and improved training times.

Promoted Faction Units also offer buffs to every unit on the battlefield when deployed with your army.


Push back the thieves

The final big addition in update 12 is the return of Thieves. These crafty units are set to raid your city and steal your resources. Assemble your army, push them back, and destroy their camps for the chance to win incredible prizes.

March of Empires is available for free on Android, iOS, and Windows. You can also follow the game on Facebook and YouTube to keep up with the latest news.